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Jacopo Top Hat & Monocle

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This page refers to the Hangar Item.

Quick facts:
Jacopo Top Hat & Monocle
Jacopo Top Hat & Monocle.png
Jacopo Top Hat & Monocle
Required Pledge Value
USD $1000
Surface S1

As part of their Dafne collection, Derion is proud to present their Jacopo line of accessories. Perfect for an elegant night on the town, this diamond-laminate monocle with tungsten chain and gossamer-lined top hat was commissioned in honor of the Port Retanus Metropolitan Opera House Quincentennial and features the latest upgradable optiVis interface for unmatched comfort.


The Jacopo Top Hat and Monocle are Concierge Perks that are given out exclusively to backers of the rank High Admiral (USD $1k pledged) or higher.

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