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John Pritchett on Meet the Devs in 2015-05-19

John "Zyrain" Pritchett was a Senior Physics Programmer in CIG Los Angeles. He worked in CIG from November 2013[1] to June 2018.[2]

Work at CIG

He was the main contributor to the various spacecraft flight simulation components, including the Intelligent Flight Control System (IFCS) and the Gravlev.[3][4] He had been working remotely from his house in Kansas City. In 2018-06-29, he left CIG because CIG needed to bring IFCS in house, and he was not able to relocate to CIG Los Angeles or Foundry 42 Manchester to continue to manage IFCS. The development of IFCS was handed over to David Colson in F42 Manchester.[2][5] In 2018-07-01, two days after John left CIG, an anonymous review from a Senior Physics Programmer was posted on Glassdoor.[6] It was later confirmed by John on his Facebook that it was a fake review to impersonate him.[7][8]


  • He was the co-author of Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg TradeWars 2002 series.[1]
  • He received an e-mail from someone in the TradeWars community saying that Pete Mackay had mentioned the TW2002 as an influence for him in the development of the Star Citizen's economy. He looked into SC and found out it is a Chris Roberts game, so he contacted Pete and applied for the physics programmer position.[1]
  • He played Wing Commander during college and wanted to apply to Origin Systems.[1]
  • His favorite movie is Star Wars.[1]
  • His favorite video game is Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg CyberSled.[1]
  • His favorite ship in Star Citizen is the Constellation because it was the first big ship that he did with the team, and it was really impressive to him, that he got to work with Ryan Church.[1]
  • He was the first person to fly the Constellation in game.[1]

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