Julian Wexler

Character in Star Citizen
Julian Wexler Trailer.png
Julian Wexler
Race Human
Gender Male
Role Director of Archon Facilities
Faction UEE
Actor Ben Mendelsohn
Current Employment
Occupation Director of Archon Facilities
Employer Shubin Interstellar

Julian Wexler is the director of Archon facilities. He is portrayed by Ben Mendelsohn.

Julian Wexler started his career under the tutelage of Bill Erickson at the Stanton Office. After Erickson's resignation 3 years ago, Julian was transferred to the Archon Base where he has been using his unique managerial skills to help revitalize the station. We look forward to seeing what Julian will accomplish with his next ten years! [1]

He appears in Squadron 42.[2][3]


  • Ben Mendelsohn, who portrays Julian Wexler, also played in Rogue One and Farscape among others.



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