88th Squadron

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Squadron 88

The 88th Squadron also known as the "Lost Squad" was a military unit of the UEE Navy.[1][2] The motto of the unit was 'Stand and Deliver.'


The Squadron was founded in 2608. It served for various units and at different locations until it was finally moved to Caliban in 2792.

The 88th Squadron is commonly known for their role in the Fall of Caliban in 2884,[3] where the squadron received devastating losses protecting civilians trying to flee the system from the attacking Vanduul fleet. Only one pilot of the unit survived the event. To honor the fallen members of the squad, the unit was officially retired after the battle (in 2885), which led to the moniker Lost Squad.[4]

Film adaptation

In 2946 a holovid series based on this event featured the unit's pilots prominently and also caused some controversy over their portrayal.[1][5]


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