Meridian Transit

Human company in the transportation industry
Meridian Transit
ProductsCommercial interstellar transport services
HeadquartersCrusader, Stanton

Meridian Transit is a passenger and commercial transportation company. It manages a large fleet of Crusader Industries Genesis-class ships on scheduled flights around the empire. Meridian has also been licensed for limited operations between the UEE and the Xi'an Empire, with a regular route to Xōl’uu.[1] They also have several billboards in-game, where this logo can be seen.


It was created based on an idea from Ben Lesnick to promote the Genesis Starliner. Jared Huckaby created the dialogue, initial name and logo before the writers team renamed it.[2][3] The logo was inspired by Back to the Future and lego space.[2]


  • The name is a pun.[2]


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