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Crusader Industries

Human spacecraft and spacecraft component manufacturer
Crusader Industries - JP0904.svg
Crusader Industries
IndustrySpacecraft manufacture, spacecraft components
ProductsPassenger spacecraft, cargo spacecraft, spacecraft components
Manufacturer codeCRUS
HeadquartersOrison, Crusader, Stanton system
Area servedUnited Empire of Earth
Key peopleKelly Caplan (CEO)
Kanile Yuder[1] (Former CEO)
FounderAugust Dunlow
Founded2799 CE; 155 years ago (2799)
PredecessorSeraphim Systems
SubsidiariesCrusader Security

Crusader Industries is a human spacecraft and spacecraft component manufacturer. One of four corporations in the United Empire of Earth to own a planet, Crusader Industries designs and constructs its spacecraft in the upper atmosphere of Crusader, while the corporation and its employee-inhabitants reside on Orison, a latticework of floating colony platforms. A producer of large commercial vessels, among its more popular products is the Genesis Starliner, a luxury transport operated by civilian passenger lines across the galaxy. Crusader also produces a number of military support ships, including the M2 Hercules military transport and the Mercury Star Runner.[2]



In 2799, August Dunlow, an anti-Messer political activist, acquired a controlling stake in the small shuttle manufacturer Seraphim Systems located in Tram. Dunlow rebranded the company as Crusader Industries, with the goal of generating significant profits that could be donated to fund charitable causes. As CEO, Dunlow expanded Crusader into producing large transport ships, landing government contracts and becoming a prominent aerospace manufacturer across the UEE. He instituted an ongoing policy of donating a portion of profits to charity, which has continued after Dunlow's retirement in 2846.[3]

Expansion under Caplan

In 2863, starliner designer Kelly Caplan took over as CEO and purchased the gas giant Crusader in Stanton as a new consolidated headquarters. This saved substantial costs in ship construction. Caplan encouraged other companies to establish outposts on the gas giant's three moons, though with mixed success due to onerous rules. Under Caplan, Crusader became the primary funder of the youth homeless shelter Angeli's Angels, which had helped Dunlow earlier in life.[3]

Recent challenges

In recent years, Crusader has struggled to provide security across its sector of the Stanton system. Critics have suggested reducing charitable donations to bolster security funds. An independent watchdog revealed Crusader had under-reported crime rates, prompting revised protocols. However, effectively policing its extensive holdings has remained expensive. Despite these challenges, Crusader maintains its commitment to charitable work.[3]


While travelling within Crusader Industries governed space, be mindful that you are subject to not only UEE laws but to the local jurisdictional laws as well. If you violate local laws, even unknowingly, you may be expelled, fined, arrested, or imprisoned.

Just like UEE Military and Advocacy agents, local security personnel can require you to submit to identification scans to establish your identity, conduct searches of your person and vessel, and detain you with due cause. Always obey the directives of authorized security personnel.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the jurisdiction's criminal activities and comport yourself accordingly.

Extent of Influence

Crusader Security enforces the laws in this jurisdiction, which applies within Crusader's gravitational sphere of influence and includes its three moons Cellin, Daymar, and Yela.

Felony Fine Escalated Fine CrimeStat Increase
Assaulting Security Personnel
Destruction of Vehicle
Evading Arrest
Harboring a Fugitive
Operating a Stolen Vehicle
Resisting Arrest
Unauthorized Computer Access
Insurance Fraud
Tresspassing (First Degree)
Aggravated Assault
Actively Incarcarated
Attempted Escape from Custody
Escaped from Custody

Misdemeanor Fine Escalated Fine
Parking Violation 250 aUEC
Battery (First Degree) 7500 aUEC
Battery (Second Degree) 7500 aUEC
Tresspassing (Second Degree) 1250 aUEC
Anauthorised Interdiction 7500 aUEC
Failure to Comply 20000 aUEC
Trafficking of Class A Controlled Substance 5000 aUEC
Trafficking of Class B Controlled Substance 4375 aUEC
Possession of Class A Controlled Substance 2000 aUEC
Possession of Class B Controlled Substance 1250 aUEC
Possession of Prohibited Goods 5625 aUEC
Possession of Stolen Property 1000 aUEC
Trafficking of Stolen Property 3750 aUEC


Crusader Industries often names its products or locations after spiritual and mythological concepts. For example:

  • Orison: "prayer"
  • Providence (Providence industrial platform): "the protective care of God"
  • Empyrean (Empyrean Park): "the highest part of heaven"
  • Ares: Greek god of war
  • Genesis: the origin or creation of the world
  • Hercules: Roman name of the Greek Heracles, son of Jupiter, who is famous for his strength and adventurousness
  • Mercury: Roman messenger of the gods
  • Spirit: "soul"
  • Vision (Vision Center): "supernatural appearance"
  • Hosanna: "expression of adoration or joy". It is a Greek word “ὡσαννά” (who saves) in The Septuagint this is most likely a transliteration of two hebrew words יָשַׁע which means “to save or deliver” and אָנּאָ which means “please, I beseech.” As such Hosanna always carries or is seen as a plea for salvation, a request to be saved or acknowledgement of the one who saves.

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