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Optimax mining gadget on display in a refinery shop.
The Optimax mining gadget on display in a refinery shop.

A mining gadget is a handheld device which can be placed on a minable rock to modify its stats (such as resistance and instability), allowing prospectors to make the mining process easier and safer, or quicker and riskier.[1]


After purchasing a mining gadget and finding a suitable rock to be mined, the player will have to exit their ship and attach the gadget to the rock. Once placed, the gadget's user interface will prompt the player to calibrate it by tuning the propagation, field range, and axial scatter properties to find the rock's resonant frequency. Finally, upon successful calibration, the device must be activated. Prospectors may now crack the rock and enjoy the altered stats conferred upon it by the mining gadget.[2]

List of mining gadgets

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Name Manufacturer Description Stats
BoreMax Thermyte Concern Break apart tough deposits with help from the BoreMax. Thermyte Concern designed this powerful mining accessory to dramatically reduce a deposit's resistance, though that extra energy does affect both the overcharge and optimal charge rate.

Resistance: -75%
Optimal Charge Rate: -50%
Overcharge Rate: +50%

Okunis Shubin Interstellar Focus power on a deposit's sweet spot with the Okunis. Shubin Interstellar designed this mining accessory to both reduce a deposit's instability and quickly deliver power once reaching the optimal charge window. This exceptional performance must be managed properly as the power spike also significantly increases the overcharge rate.

Instability: -40%
Optimal Charge Rate: +100%
Resistance: +10%
Optimal Charge Window: -15%
Overcharge Rate: +100%

OptiMax Greycat Industrial Commonly found on industrial sites across the empire, the OptiMax makes it easier to find and fill the optimal charge window while mining. This beloved Greycat mining accessory does have its drawbacks though, most notably with a sharp increase in shatter damage from an explosion.

Instability: -20%
Optimal Charge Rate: +35%
Optimal Charge Window: +20%
Resistance: +15%
Shatter Damage: +150%

Sabir Shubin Interstellar Make a deposit more stable with the Sabir. This accessory monitors and mitigates energy transfer fluctuations that could potentially overload a deposit. Although the optimal charge window will be condensed, this attachment provides additional safety to the operator. A small price to pay for a miner looking to make it home safe and sound.

Instability: -75%
Optimal Charge Window: -30%
Optimal Charge Rate: -50%

Stalwart Thermyte Concern Reduce resistance and increase the optimal charge rate on a deposit with the Stalwart. These powerful benefits will help get the job done quickly, but operators are warned that misuse can increase the risk of a catastrophic explosion.

Resistance: -30%
Optimal Charge Rate: +100%
Shatter Damage: -50%
Instability: +15%
Overcharge Rate: +200%

WaveShift Greycat Industrial A unique sonic sensory chipset allows the WaveShift to reduce a deposit's resistance and increase its optimal charge window. While active, this attachment must be managed properly as the vibrations produced have been known to increase the chance of an explosion.

Resistance: -40%
Optimal Charge Window: +25%
Instability: +10%
Overcharge Rate: +50%
Shatter Damage: +50%


Mining gadgets were introduced in Alpha 3.17.


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