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This documentation is transcluded from Module:RSI/doc. Changes can be proposed in the talk page.
Module:RSI's function rsi_url is invoked by Template:Cite RSI.

Module:RSI optionally adds "" to url if it is not present.

-- Optionally add "" to url if it is not present. 
local p = {}
function p.rsi_url(frame)
  local base_url = ""
  local support_url = ""
  local url = frame.args[1]
  local return_val
  if (string.sub(url,1,string.len(base_url))==base_url) or (string.sub(url,1,string.len(support_url))==support_url) then
    return_val = url
    return_val = base_url .. url
  return return_val
return p