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This is the documentation page for Module:String2

Module:String2 is invoked by function posnq is invoked by Template:Posnq.
Module:String2 is invoked by function sentence is invoked by Template:Infobox vehicle.
Module:String2 is invoked by function {{#if:{{{Affiliation is invoked by Template:Infobox System.
Module:String2 is required by Module:Cite RSI.

Module:String2 contains five general purpose calls that convert strings to upper, lower, sentence or title case. There are also two utility calls that strip leading zeros from padded numbers and transform text so that it is not interpreted as wikitext.



The upper function simply converts all characters to upper case.


The upper function simply converts all characters to upper case.


The title function capitalises the first letter of each word in the text, apart from a number of short words recommended by The U.S. Government Printing Office Style Manual: a, an, the, at, by, for, in, of, on, to, up, and, as, but, or, and nor.


The sentence function finds the first letter and capitalises it, then renders the rest of the text in lower case. It works properly with text containing wiki-markup.


The ucfirst function is similar to sentence; it renders the first alphabetical character in upper case, but leaves the capitalisation of the rest of the text unaltered. This is useful if the text contains proper nouns, but it will not regularise sentences that are ALLCAPS, for example. It also works with text containing piped wiki-links and with html lists.


The stripZeros functions finds the first number in a string of text and strips leading zeros, but retains a zero which is followed by a decimal point. For example: "0940" -> "940"; "Year: 0023" -> "Year: 23"; "00.12" -> "0.12"


The nowiki function ensures that a string of text is treated by the MediaWiki software as just a string, not code. It trims leading and trailing whitespace.


  • posnq (position, no quotes) returns the numerical start position of the first occurrence of one piece of text ("match") inside another ("str").
  • It returns nil if no match is found, or if either parameter is blank.
  • It takes the text to be searched in as the first unnamed parameter, which is trimmed.
  • It takes the text to match as the second unnamed parameter, which is trimmed and any double quotes " are stripped out. That allows spaces at the beginning or end of the match string to be included in a consistent manner.


  • {{#invoke:String2 | upper |…}} - Shifts all characters to uppercase
  • {{#invoke:String2 | lower |…}} - Shifts all characters to lowercase
  • {{#invoke:String2 | sentence |…}} - Capitalizes the first character and shifts the rest to lowercase
    • Although similar to magic words' {{ucfirst:}} function, this call works even with piped wiki-links because it searches beyond leading brackets and other non-alphanumeric characters.
    • It now also recognises when it has an html list passed to it and capitalises the first alphabetic letter beyond the list item markup (<li>) and any piped links that may be there.
  • {{#invoke:String2 | ucfirst |…}} - Capitalizes the first character and leaves the rest unaltered
    • Works with piped wiki-links and html lists
  • {{#invoke:String2 | title |…}} - Capitalizes all words, except for a, an, the, at, by, for, in, of, on, to, up, and, as, but, or, and nor.
  • {{#invoke:String2 | stripZeros |…}} - Removes leading padding zeros from the first number it finds in the string
  • {{#invoke:String2 | title |…}} - Renders the string as plain text without wikicode


These functions take one unnamed parameter comprising (or invoking as a string) the text to be manipulated.

See also

Module:String for the following functions:

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  • match
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  • str_find
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