Nine Tails Lockdown

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Nine Tails Lockdown is a Dynamic Event in which players can work for or against the Nine Tails syndicate for control of a Lagrangian point in the Stanton system.[1]

During the Nine Tails Lockdown event, players will not be able to Quantum travel through the blockaded area.

Participation in the Event

Players can choose to participate in a lawful or unlawful manner and will engage in PvP and PvE to complete the objectives. All players will receive a transmission at the start of the event and depending on a player's CrimeStat, priority missions under the General tab will become available.


Players must maintain a CrimeStat of 0 to participate in the lawful mission types. Players will receive a priority mission under the general tab, and must accept the currently available mission to participate.

Lawful players must defeat waves of Nine Tails ships and unlawful players while protecting security forces ships attempting to scan for the Nine Tails fleet. Upon locating the Nine Tails blockading fleet, players must defeat the fleet to succeed.


Players must have a CrimeStat of 1 or higher to receive the priority mission under the personal tab. Unlawful players objective is to destroy the security force's ships and defend the Nine Tails fleet.


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