ORG:7Hills Industries

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Astrum Militia
Spectrum ID 7HILLS
Language English
Commitment Hardcore (MilSim)
Focus Commercial / Industrial / Security
Timezone International
Headquarters EUROPE
Leaders TheBanjolorian
Founder Trifonas777, Metaxas, TheBanjolorian
Founded 2950
Discord server

7Hills Industries


7Hills Industries is a prominent virtual organization in the multiplayer space trading and combat video game Star Citizen. Founded by a group of space enthusiasts, 7Hills Industries has garnered a reputation for being a top-rated Star Citizen organization that caters to players with various interests in space exploration and trade.


7Hills Industries boasts a plethora of divisions, each catering to a different aspect of Star Citizen gameplay. These include:

1. Hauling Division: . It focuses on transporting goods and engaging in trade while also dealing with the challenges of player-created conflicts.

2. Mining Division: The mining division is dedicated to the extraction of valuable minerals and resources from asteroids and planets. This division is crucial for the economic growth of the organization.

3. Salvaging Division: This division focuses on salvaging wrecks and derelict ships for parts and resources. It plays a significant role in resource management and sustainability.

4. Exploration Division: This division is for players interested in exploring uncharted territories in the Star Citizen universe. Exploration is essential for discovering new resources and establishing new bases.

5. Security Division: This division ensures the protection of 7Hills Industries’ assets and members through patrolling and defense against threats.


7Hills Industries is known for its goal-driven community that emphasizes individual growth and collective achievements. The organization offers proactive leadership, cutting-edge resources, and unparalleled opportunities for success. The members strive for maximum independence in the Star Citizen universe.

The organization operates on a crew rotation system, ensuring all members find a suitable role, whether they are casual or dedicated players. It has an age restriction of 18 or older for joining.


One of the distinct features of 7Hills Industries is the sense of camaraderie among its members. The organization fosters a vibrant atmosphere where members can experience excitement and build lasting friendships. This sense of community is an integral part of what makes 7Hills Industries an attractive destination for ambitious space adventurers.

To join 7Hills Industries:

  1. Join their Discord server for community interaction and coordination. Here's the link: 7Hills Industries Discord.
  2. Apply through the RSI (Roberts Space Industries) page. Visit the 7Hills Industries official website and click on “APPLY AT RSI” to be redirected to the application page on Roberts Space Industries.
At the first board meeting 11th november, the company's ethics and values ​​'policy and focus on being inclusive and respecting and supporting all life forms were determined and are the basis for all 7Hills Industries' operations.
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