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Organization Manifesto

AEY INC is a diverse space operations Organization, in the Star Citizen ‘Verse, focused on a membership based commercial enterprise, intent to deliver exceptional profit to active members, while ensuring safe activities through staffing and maintaining of an exceptionally well trained and armed security force.

Community Manifesto

What does it mean to be a Kick$#@ Org?

AEY INC is dedicated to being a fun community that strives for success, excellence, and integrity!

Fun Amusing, entertaining, or enjoyable.

AEY INC is dedicated to keeping all aspects of membership as Fun as possible! Members will always have the option to CHOOSE their level of involvement, be treated with fairness, respect, and equality (regardless of any factor, including rank, knowledge, or ability!), and have equal opportunity to participate in org operations!

Community A feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

AEY INC is dedicated to building a solid, reliable, well known, and enjoyable community! Leadership positions will always be filled by active, capable, and willing members through a fair election process!

Success The accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

AEY INC is dedicated to helping every member succeed in their endeavors, both when playing solo or as part of an Org Operation! Efficient systems are and will always be in place to request help, request crew members, or request specific ships and task forces to help in every member activity.

Excellence The quality of being outstanding or extremely good.

AEY INC is dedicated to helping every member grow their knowledge, skills, and abilities should they wish to! Dedicated staff positions help with Org related questions and a wide variety of well organized channels are available for all Star Citizen questions and discussion. Multiple Weekly dedicated training and practice nights will always be available and active to make AEY excel in all aspects of game play!

Integrity The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.

AEY INC is dedicated to maintaining absolute integrity in all positions within the organization. Every member, from the executive staff, to the new applicant is expected to hold a high level of integrity in their actions, their representation of AEY INC, and their dedication to whatever position they may hold. All members are accountable for their actions and AEY INC will always maintain a fair process for all accusations of rule violations.


The AEY INC Structure is Comprised of Divisions and Corps:

  • A Division Encompasses a genre of game play or purpose
  • A Corps serves a specific role within a Division
  • Each Corps contains Squadrons, Wings and Teams
  • Squadrons, Wings and Teams are formed by the Members.

Join Operations Command (Division)

  • Coordinates Operations Between Divisions

Business Operations Division

  • Logistics And Commerce Corps - Cargo and Trade
  • Survey Corps - Exploration
  • Mineral Corps - Mining and Salvage

Combat Operations Division

  • Naval Corps - Ship Based Combat
  • Army Corps - Ground and Infantry Combat
  • FAAR - Bounty Hunting

Support Operations Division

  • Fleet Support Corps - Fuel / Repair Services
  • Engineering Corps - Land Base Building / Staffing
  • Medical Corps - Medical Services

Intelligence Operations Division

  • Intelligence Corps - Classified
  • Diplomatic Corps - Diplomatic Relations

Admin Operations Division

  • Member Corps - Recruiting / Member Services
  • Financial Corps - Organization Assets / Fund Managment
  • Racing Corps - Racing / Corporate Sponsored Racers

The AEY INC Organization is led by a Board of Directors, consisting of the elected leaders of each Division above, and a Chief Executive Officer


AEY INC has open recruitment! Apply on the RSI page and join discord to become a member.

RSI Page Discord


AEY INC has a full 23 page charter to ensure that the community values are adhered to.


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