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The Black Adders

The Black Adders are formed by a group of skilled mercenaries that are tired of being told their way of doing things is the wrong way. Believing that strength comes through teamwork and camaraderie.

The Black Adders are willing to accept any contract if the price is right. We will forge our path in the verse by selling our skills and building our forces to defend ourselves and our clients from any threats.

The Black Adders primarily hail from the British Isles, although have picked up like minded Mercenaries from across the verse to work with. The founding members are all combat veterans and capable of countering any enemy.


To join feel free to reach out to us on Discord at


Fleet; From fighters, gunships to capital ships, the Fleet makes up the core of any good Mercenary company.

Active Squadrons:

Fighter Squadron – Viper Squadron

Leader Mongoose, XO godafton

The Viper Squadron is tip of the spear in the Black Adders Fleet, and we aim to be adaptable to any situation. To accomplish this, we fly a mix of light and heavy ships. The aim of the Vipers to pave way for the rest of the org no matter the enemy. We embody the speed and lethality of our name’s sake and employ tactics to suit our Codex entitled ‘volare celeriter, mori citius’

Fighter squadron – Hellhound Squadron

Leader Yogzie, XO eight_track

The Hellhounds Squadron are a passionate group of pilots whose focus is to improve both their duelling and group ability in a wide range of fighter types. Our goal isn’t just to defeat our enemies but to devise new and creative ways to crush them, while looking good doing it. Those who would like to join will not only become stronger as a pilot but will become unstoppable as a squad.

Gunship Squadron – Bullmastiffs

Leader W1nstone, XO Elson

The Bullmastiffs Gunship Squadron is a skilled fighting force, specializing in heavy assault and defence manoeuvres. Operating within The Black Adders Fleet. Our squadron consists of highly trained pilots and turret gunners who demonstrate exceptional teamwork, unwavering discipline, and a relentless pursuit of victory.

Intelligence – The Cunning Foxes

Leader – Mythmatics

Our focus is on gathering intelligence, infiltration of enemy lines and reconnaissance. If you are more interested in being the spy than the soldier, we are your squad, with stealth being a key part of our gameplay as well as planning cunning black and special ops with hand selected teams.

Support and Logistics– Raising funds, Fleet and ground support, base building and medical.


For anyone that plays more casual or is undecided whether to join a squadron, ground, logistics or intelligence then you will be a part of the reserves, able to slot into any role, or not, as you choose. Reserves are still aable to participate in any and all activities within the org.


Main Objectives:

Have Fun, Make Money and Find the Biggest Fights we can.

Organisation: Everyone has a voice in The Black Adders, we have a Board that votes on the Org Charter and that charter is carried out by the org leader.

We have a management team that work tirelessly to bring the members the best content and training possible.

We have a team of Mentors to assist with new players and organise training for any role.

The Black Adders are Primarily a Combat focused org, but no military is possible without the help and support of all the other roles in the verse, we will need resources, money, base building, exploration and a whole host of roles too numerous to list.


All applicants need to sign up in the RSI page, either as a main member or an affiliate, diplomat are the only exception – Affiliates are welcome to play with us anytime, we have no wish to control where you play and with who.

Respect and Inclusivity: Treat all members with respect, regardless of their age, gender, race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, or skill level. Discrimination, harassment, and hate speech will not be tolerated.

Collaboration and Teamwork: Encourage teamwork and cooperation within the community. Help fellow citizens, share knowledge, and contribute positively to group activities. Foster an environment where players can find assistance.

Language and Behaviour: Maintain a mature and respectful atmosphere. Use appropriate language and refrain from excessive profanity, hate speech, or offensive content. Keep discussions constructive and avoid personal attacks or flaming.

Mindful Communication: Be mindful of your language and tone. Avoid personal attacks, flaming, or engaging in heated arguments. Constructive criticism is welcome but keep discussions civil and respectful.

Community Events and Gatherings: Respect the rules and guidelines set for community events and gatherings. Follow instructions from event organizers, be punctual, and maintain good sportsmanship during competitions or collaborative activities.


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