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Arc Industries
Spectrum IDARCIN
FocusSecurity, Resources, Engineering
HeadquartersKeene, Killian VI
LeadersFarden, Vigil, Joke
Discord Server

[We're currently re-writing sections of this page to represent our org]

Arc Industries was created on 20th May 2013 (originally Arc Security) with the aim to provide effective security services and solutions to players throughout the game. We had our rose tinted glasses glued on back then, some of our members still refuse to take them off, but we’ve come a long way since 2013. We’ve re-branded the whole organization, we’ve seen members come and go and we’ve always looked at bettering ourselves as a community. Through-out the years we’ve enjoyed watching, testing and playing through the development of Star Citizen.

We stand by our phrase ‘Casually Hardcore’, we take our time logged into the ‘verse seriously, this means we’ll focus on getting the most out of it as possible, think ‘organized operations’. Despite this we strive for experiencing the fun aspects of everything, trying not to take it all too seriously, we try our best at creating memories.

The bulk of our members enjoy frequenting the Persistent Universe, testing new content, running Fleet-Operations with the org or just to roam the Stanton System. We’re looking for new members to join us in the PU between now and release.

A contingent of members also enjoy focusing on Star Marine, actively gaming in this play mode of Star Citizen and have even taken part in player driven tournaments (SCCL). The members that have an interest in this game-play activity make up the Arc Industries: Marines, a Division of our Security Fleet.


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Security Fleet Divisions:

Fleet Security –

  • An Internal security fleet for the org [PVE & PVP].
  • External contractors for: – Armed Escort/Convoy. – Sector Security. – Asset/Station Security.

Marine Division –

  • An Internal marine division for the org [PVE & PVP]: – Personal/Asset Protection. – Asset Retrieval.
  • Keeping operations secure both on the ground and aboard ships.


Support Fleet Divisions:

Exploration & Science -

  • The exploration and discovery of space, resources and content.
  • Setting up scientific networks, research projects and the innovation of the org.

Mining & Salvage -

  • Mining resources in systems, areas we’re pioneering or have discovered through exploration.
  • Salvaging wrecks discovered by our explorers or following our Security Fleets encounters.

Trade & Logistics -

  • Station and system trading of the market.
  • Setting up our own areas of industry and production.
  • Supporting the logistics of the Security Fleet on operations [PVE & PVP].
  • Hauling: organizational or public contracts.
  • Engineering of ship load-outs and facilities.


Under Construction


Under Construction

Affiliation - Alliances - Groups

We’re always open to networking with other coalitions, alliances, organizations and groups. With the intent on working together in the PU.


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