ORG:Armored Division

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Armored Division (AD)
LanguageMainly English
CommitmentFull Time, Part Time, some RP
FocusCasual with some planning/training
TimezoneAll over the world
LeadersSpencer, Greenanimal, PaleMoon, PsychicRoot

Here in Armored Division, we pride ourselves on always trying to improve our skills, both in combat and more civilian roles like mining, trading and soon to be exploring. We are always happy to take on new recruits, providing training and experiance in the field and potentially some funds to help get you started on your way.


Currently, we have three divisions - 1st Combat Division, 2nd Cargo division and 3rd Mining division

1st Division Combat, headed by Raijin and Thun7er, is self explanitory. We go out, shoot some ships and players down, get paid. 1st are additionaly used in tandem with the other divisions and act as general security, either locking down an area to allow for safer access or to protect priority ships. Currently, most of our efforts are in this division, meaning any new recruits can expect to see an increase in their abilities and combat knowledge fairly quickly.

2nd Division Cargo, headed by Ironhand98, deals primarily in running commodities throughout the verse, hauling large amounts of goods for quite the lofty profit. Eventually, this division may expand out into the refueling, salvaging and repairing branches when these get implimented into the game. A growing side role of 2nd Division is finding out commodity prices throughout the verse, including buying and selling prices shown here [1]

3rd Division Mining, currently with no lead, deals primarily with the extraction and possibly the processing of valuable minerals. Armed with only the best mining equipment the verse has to offer, these prospectors head out into the belts of the system and down to the surface of planets, looking for some juicy rocks to crack open and scoop up. While primarily solo/teams of 2-4, mining events have been known to draw well over 40 players, earning the org and all players involved a lot of aUEC.


We're not looking to survive, we're here to thrive.

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