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Astrum Militia
CommitmentHardcore (MilSim)
FocusSecurity / Commercial / Industrial
HeadquartersNorth America
LeadersCline West
FounderSignus Ker
Discord Server

The Astrum Militia strives to provide a realistic and immersive paramilitary simulation environment for all Star Citizen content. The lore and history of the Astrum Militia has been meticulously crafted into the Star Citizen lore to allow our enlisted volunteers to engage in all activities within the lawful spectrum. The Astrum Militia utilizes a chain of command system to keep order and structure throughout the organization. The primary external mission of the Astrum Militia is to foster a paramilitary simulation and roleplay environment that when paired with Star Citizen, should provide an immersive experience like no other.


2681 – A violent newly discovered species known as the Vanduul raid the Dell Township on Armitage in the Orion System, killing 638 people and abducting one human.*

2712 – Military advances by the newly discovered Vanduul species turn into raiding parties into the United Empire of Earth systems as the Messer Dynasty deals with continued unrest and political grievances.*

2715 – The assination of Imperator Samuel Messer is broadcasted on Spectrum around the galaxy. Samuel’s younger brother Galor Messer takes the position of Imperator of the United Empire of Earth.*

2764 – The Astrum Militia is founded by Signus Ker, within the planet of Angeli in the Croshaw System, strung together by sepertaist rebel factions and former service members against both the Vanduul raiders and the United Empire of Earth dictatorial regime, over the inaction against the raiding parties by Vanduul clans.

2768 – Plans to construct and fund the Astrum Militia Fleet begin with the primary goal of challenging the Vanduul Raiders and deterring a response by the Messer Dynasty and the United Empire of Earth Navy.

2773 – The first combat capable fighter squadrons, made up of volunteers, begin to take flight and strike with guerilla-like tactics against Vanduul raiding parties and logistical routes used by the United Empire of Earth Navy.

2788 – As the Astrum Militia Fleet continues to grow stronger and a more centralized military governance structure is established. Ignus Clay, becomes the second and only Admiral of the Astrum Militia and introduces the “Junta”, the governing body of the Astrum Militia made up of the highest and most loyal Admirals.

2792 – Large roits erupt around the United Empire of Earth after a privatly owned terraforming company, owned by a relative (cousin) of the Messer Dynsasty, knowingly commits genocide on a developing alien species by terraforming thier planet (Garron II). The United Empire of Earth Navy refuses to act in stopping the riots which leads the Senate in overthrowing and murdering Linton Messer, bringing the dictatorial Messer regime to an end. A new Imperator, Erin Toi is brought into power under the reformed United Empire of Earth government to return humanity into order. Imperator Erin Toi immediately begins diplomatic engagement with the Vanduul species and is unsuccessful in bringing peace.*

2798 – With the success of the new governing structure of the United Empire of Earth and response to the Vanduul raids by the United Empire of Earth Navy the Astrum Militia Junta decides that it is no longer necessary to continue guerrilla tactics and military strikes against both the Vanduul and United Empire of Earth Naval routes. The Astrum Militia almost dissolves and only a handful of supporters remain active in hiding.

2804 – Those that remain continue to operate under a military structure, however, much of the Militia’s focus turns toward industrial and trade operations to financially support the core of its defensive forces in the event of any foreseeable call to arms. With the restructuring of its operations, the Astrum Militia publicly renounces its views on the United Empire of Earth as a hostile entity and signs an agreement planning to comply with all United Empire of Earth laws, regulations, and stipulations.

2836 – The Astrum Militia publishes its first public broadcast on Spectrum. It announces that over 80% of the Astrum Militia personnel roster hold UEE Citizenship and even held or still hold positions within the United Empire of Earth Navy. The Astrum Militia vows that it is to clean its ranks of criminals, rebels, and separatists.

2936 – The Astrum Militia begin to reactivate volunteer squadrons expecting the worst is ahead, as Vanduul swarms continue to increase attacks on Empire shipping routes and planetary settlements, while the United Empire of Earth Navy lacks a response.

2941 – Kelos Costigan of the Universalist Party is elected Imperator of the United Empire of Earth.*

2945 – A large swarm of Vanduul raiders attack Vega System heavily destroying and damaging the settlements, as well as killing thousands of people on Vega II. The United Empire of Earth Navy’s 2nd Fleet moves to intercept and counterstrike the Vanduul force and is successful in repelling further attacks. On the morning following the attack, Admiral Ernst Bishop of the 2nd Fleet travels planetside to survey the damage himself and in a Spectrum broadcast urges all UEE citizens to prepare for a full scale war against the Vanduul species for the atrocity.*

2947 – Admiral Cline West of the Astrum Militia requests a Junta meeting where he requests that a Mobilization Order be executed for the well being of all United Empire of Earth citizens and for the emergency allocation of information and resources. This ushers an immense mobilization and conversation project of a majority of the available militia spacecraft under commercial and industrial use into combat ready status. Volunteers from all over the galaxy flood into Angeli for training and assignment.

2950 – Present


Astrum Militia Mission Statement:

The Astrum Militia is primarily a sovereign military entity made up of United Empire of Earth citizens with the intent to keep the interests of the UEE Citizens first. The Astrum Militia was founded in 2764 by volunteers on Angeli in the Crowshaw System in response to Vanduul raids and inaction by the UEE Navy. Since then the Astrum Militia has also sought out industrial and commercial endeavours in an attempt to become self-sufficient with the aim of being the most organized and diverse entity in the galaxy. The Astrum Militia is built on the idea of efficiency and structure, with a strong foundation of leadership, teamwork and welfare for all enlisted personnel. Our main focus is to cover almost every aspect of Star Citizen outside of the criminal elements.

Astrum Militia Thesis:

The Astrum Militia is distinguished from other organizations as it is ultimately a self-sufficient and sustainable entity which does not require contracted work from other organizations. Instead the Astrum Militia includes everything that is needed to be self sustainable and expand, which in turn fabricates many roles for each member to carry out. Therefore, there is little chance of missing out on any aspect of the game, other than that of unlawful activities.


The Astrum Militia is herewith chartered as a M101 organization, compliant with all the rules, regulations, stipulations and intergalactic combat laws thereby applicable.

As such the Astrum Militia, is authorized to conduct, contract, subcontract and otherwise cause to be executed all forms of legal intergalactic activities as stipulated by the UEE Commerce Act of 2814 and UEE Self Defense Act of 2821. Under the provisions of M101 regulations, the Astrum Militia is entitled to UEE Compliance Laws as of 2941.

In addition, under the sub-charter of a M101C entity, the Astrum Militia is also authorized to mobilize, forcefully use, and practice legitimate enforcement of its legal consignments, both interplanetary and intersystem, within the boundaries of UEE as stipulated by the Military Enforcement Act of 2765. In areas not currently governed by the United Empire of Earth, these same military forces may be used to enforce UEE policies and laws as long as such actions are not in contravention with any UEE established Intergalactic Agreements.

As part and parcel to this charter, the Astrum Militia has established the following codes of conduct on its members:

Militia members come from all sectors of society, but are banded together as brothers-in-arms for their mutual protection and prosperity. Those whose behavior is repeatedly unbecoming of the Militia’s high standards are to be subject to warning, censure, and eventual expulsion.

Militia members who become convicted of a felony offense by due process of a UEE-Constituted Judicial Authority are to be subject to suspension or dismissal.

Militia members sanctioned through evidence of piracy or illicit smuggling will be dismissed immediately and proper action taken.

This Charter is hereby placed in the Public Record and considered to have the full force of law as of this date, May 7, 2941, and as witnessed and enacted by the undersigned, by appointment to His Imperial Highness.

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