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FocusAll with the exception to Piracy
TimezoneOceanic GMT + 13 to GMT + 8
LeadersAstro, HoundofChaos, Gharskull, Revek, Shinji
FounderDoull, Jirk, Lostpinky, Pup and Shinji
FoundedMay 29th, 2011
Discord Server


The AUSMONAUTS do not accept Redacted memberships.

While Ausmonauts will be your Main Organisation you have the right to hold membership in another organisation on the condition that there is no hostile intent to the AUSMONAUTS or our allies.


Commerce Division, Combat Operations, Mining & Salvaging & Pathfinders, Production Union, Support Group.


The goal of the AUSMONAUTS is to establish itself as one of the Premiere Oceanic Organisations in the Southern Hemisphere.

A place where gamers can come and go as they please without the hardcore member requirement. Furthermore, a place where gamers can socialise with other members without the pressure of being told when they need to play to keep membership.

We focus as an organisation as a place where you can relax, put your feet up and game. Utilizing a Democratic Ideology, the main founding principle of AUSMONAUTS was to operate as a democracy-based organisation.

Therefore, no matter who you are within the AUSMONAUTS, your voice would be heard.

The Officer Council introduced a model of having five Leaders running the fleet with the purpose of ensuring that any decision made regarding the AUSMONAUTS would be handled by majority vote.


Our Mission - An organisation bound in respect and fairness enabling everyone to experience all gameplay styles except Piracy, while having fun in the process.

Our Principle with Piracy is unacceptable.

Defend our own and strike swiftly! We will work and play based on respect and fairness.

Take what you need, give when you can.

What’s said and done in AUSMONAUTS stays in AUSMONAUTS. Have Fun and Harden up, Princess!

Code of Conduct

Member Rights

To play any game in any manner that does not contradict these regulations, without prejudice or discrimination.

To abandon play at any time to handle any unexpected real-life issue. Real-life comes first always.

To offer an opinion, and have it be heard by the Officer Council. To hold membership in another organisation it is under the provision to the condition that there is no hostile intent to the AUSMONAUTS or our allies.

To contact any member of the Officer Council or Division Leaders, in order to bring queries, problems, or issues to their attention.

To leave the AUSMONAUTS at any time of your own accord.

Member Responsibilities

All members understand and accept the following responsibilities and commit to upholding them throughout their membership:

Be respectful of the club, its members and allies and always deal in good faith with other players.

It is understood that people have personal conflict sometimes however the AUSMONAUTS also expect members to harden up and build a bridge.

If there is an issue that cannot be resolved directly raise it with the Division Leaders and if it cannot be resolved then raise it to the Officer Council.

Never cheat or use performance enhancing programs.

Don’t be a dick and don’t stir up drama.

(And this is the most important) Remember to have fun.

Unacceptable Conduct

Unacceptable conduct is defined, but not limited, to the following:

The posting of malicious links, inflammatory messages, advertisements, pornographic material, or spamming either in-game, on Discord or the website.

Abusive or discriminative behavior such as trolling, religious or sexual discrimination etc will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Anti-social behavior that ostracise's or excludes members from events, teams, missions, activities etc.

Granting unauthorized access to AUSMONAUTS website or in game assets.

Except in extreme cases of betrayal or anti-social behavior, members will only be given 3 separate warnings (one verbal and two written) for inappropriate conduct and if there is a failure to heed those warnings then they will be removed from the AUSMONAUTS.


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