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Federation of the Fifth Dimension
CommitmentLow - High
FocusResources, Security
FounderMajor Steel
Discord Server



Fidelity, Integrity, Camaraderie, Excellence.

FFDCITIZEN is the Resource and Security Arm of the Federation of the Fifth Dimension: FFD

We are building a first class organization and are adding members to fill vital roles.


Apply at our Discord: or at our Org Page





  • Fidelity, Integrity, Camradery, Excellence.*

We maximize success in diplomacy and profit for our citizens and partners alike.

No Piracy Tolerated by members or others.

Organization under construction, get in on the ground level.

Looking for select members to fill crucial roles.

All facets of the game will be played and supported.

Organization Fleet with Ships crowd sourced like – The Orion, Pioneer, Reclaimer, among others.

Multiple Divisions to apply and be assigned to or lead depending on experience including:

  • *Security:* Operational Security, Bounty Hunting, Combat, Intelligence, Counter Intelligence.
  • *Procurement*: Exploration, Mining, Salvage,Transportation.
  • *Marketing:* Diplomacy, Trading/Trade Negotiations, Accounts Payable/Receivable.
  • *Human Resources:* Recruitment/Retention, Member Orientation and Development, Re-Assignments/Transfers.

Well run, long standing, stable leadership, no drama.

Discord server .

Atmosphere to have fun gaming.

No mandatory dues.


Rules we live by:


No bigotry, sexist or racist comments in public channels. If occurs could result in automatic dismissal, no tolerance.

Discord is a must:

Help other members of the Community (Play with different members and across organizations).

Advertising or recruiting for any other Entity is not allowed and will result in being immediately kicked and banned.

No in-game trash-talk in an open community/pub(game) channel. We want people to see our organization in a good light. In private or TeamSpeak channels, fire away.

Real life stuff comes up. Please let an officer know if you will be gone for more than a week.

No activity or comments that would make the FFD look bad or unprofessional.

We are welcome to suggestions and constructive criticism (and we like praise from time to time when we get it right). Please post these suggestions in the Discord chats within in the appropriate area. We take these seriously and have grown based on many of these ideas.

If there are any disputes with members within your division then bring it to the Lead Officer of your Organization.

If there are any disputes, arguments or problems with our citizens, our officers or between our FFD Organizations, bring it to our Chancellor.

If there are any other issues that you are having difficulty with, whether it be in game, with another organization, with one our 5D Community members then pull any of the Officers or Leaders aside in Discord or DM is there. We will check into it and help resolve the issue.

There is an appeals process set up to review members grievances, namely the Council. Use it if needed.

HAVE FUN!!!! Can’t stress this enough. This what we are all here to do in one way or another. We want to continue having a great place to accomplish this for all.


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