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LanguageEnglish Primary
TimezoneEverywhere UTC
LeadersGallitin - Core - Ostia - Chimaera - Draegar - JoraMDarkblade
FoundedOctober 2012
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While the game is being developed we would like to build one of the most dedicated and organized groups in the Star Citizen Universe. We will be able to accomplish much in the initial stages of Star Citizen’s release and carve out our own piece of the Verse’ just for Imperium.

What We Are Looking For:

We are looking for responsible players to contribute to all the professions that Star Citizen will offer. As the game draws closer, we will fill Specialist and Officer positions with members who demonstrate motivation, knowledge and sensibility.

What We Offer:

  1. Mutual respect to everyone, member or ally. We will work together with our friends and allies to create an enjoyable experience in the Star Citizen Universe.
  2. Being one of the largest structured organizations as well operating out of the biggest and best fan forums, Star Citizen Base.
  3. A unit system for like minded people or friends to create close knit coordination within our large organization.
  4. A unique Mission system that will be hosted on Star Citizen Base for any member to use.

Imperium's Mission

Imperium’s overall goal is to have fun in Star Citizen. However, this does not mean that we will not strive to be one of the best. At launch, Imperium plans to acquire an area in fringe(null-sec) space to establish our operations and expand.

We will find a beneficial location that will allow us to have a prosperous economy in the game, enabling us access to a variety of materials. This will work as a trickle down effect, explorers to find the minerals, miners to extract, transports to move, and military to protect.

We will create a military force that strives to be second to none. While we may command large numbers, we won’t be superior for that fact alone. A training program is in the works for specific ships, scenarios and professions in Star-citizen that will adapt to changes in the ‘verse.

Our fleet will be a home for any and all pilots that are like minded and willing to contribute to the organization. An additional aspect we will encourage is our Unit System. Units are not mandatory, but, encouraged for groups of friends who share similar interests and the same play time.

We have already established a solid foundation from which to stand, now we need only you to continue building!



Presentation Affects Reputation, how you present yourself directly affects your reputation and the reputation of those associated with you. Presenting yourself in a mature and respectful way will allow you to gain the respect of friends, enemies, and strangers. It is important to remember that your decisions and actions do not only reflect upon yourself but also upon those around you.

Therefore, Members of Imperium must adhere to our policies in order to remain within our ranks. These rules, guidelines, and expectations are here for the benefit of each individual member as well as Imperium as a whole. They will ensure that we represent both ourselves and our brethren in a manner that is fit and becoming of an elite, sophisticated, coordinated, and organized group. Therefore it is the responsibility of each member to follow the Code of Conduct.

General Rules and Expectations

  1. Don’t be a dick. Don’t start drama.
  2. All members must represent Imperium at all times through the use of proper Imperium tags (avatars, signatures, etc.). This applies to RSI and SCB forums, as well as RSI chats, Jabber, Teamspeak, Discord and any other public or private mediums related to Star Citizen. Members bear the right to defend themselves, Imperium, other members, and our allies from any from hostile action (within game only). It is important to note, however that members are still expected to act in a mature manner that will reflect positively upon Imperium and themselves.
  3. Members must not take important matters into their own hands and are expected to refrain from making any comments or decisions that have not been approved by the appropriate ranking officers.
  4. Members are expected to maintain the privacy of information related to the fleet and its members this includes but is not limited to the forums and team speak.
  5. Issues and concerns regarding Imperium decisions, members, and allies must be brought to the attention of your next in command privately. Members are to avoid public confrontations and internal arguments at all costs as it will reflect poorly upon Imperium.
  6. Members must respect one another and show each other kindness, understanding, tolerance, and patience. At all times members of Imperium are expected and obligated to show respect to officers by listening to them and following their lead. NEVER undermine the authority of a ranking member.
  7. Absolutely no bullying, racism, sexism, or other forms of prejudice anywhere.
  8. Do not, under any circumstance, reply to attacks or topics about Imperium on the RSI forums. This is a 0 tolerance rule and breaking it will result in an immediate removal from Imperium or as officer sees fit.
  9. When dealing with another Imperium member on any platform (e.g. Games, Social media, Gaming Events, etc.) even when not representing Imperium the CoC still applies.
    • Additionally, when representing Imperium in a game, while gaming with other Imperium members in another game or group or guild, or recruiting non-Star Citizen specific players into an Imperium-run guild, your actions and those of any members in an Imperium-run group must follow the Imperium CoC to ensure that Imperium remains a friendly, and inviting group. This includes adhering to the rules of the place you are currently gaming, whether it be a server, community site, forum, or any other place where you are being hosted by groups other than Imperium.

Fleet Rules, Expectations, and Guidelines

  1. All members must represent Imperium at all times through the use of proper Imperium tags.
  2. Under no circumstances can any Imperium member be a Main member of another fleet. (See “Our stance on memberships” below)
  3. Members bear the right to defend themselves, Imperium, other members, and our allies from any acts of aggression that may take place in game.
  4. Under no circumstances will it be deemed acceptable to engage allied forces.
  5. Piracy is not tolerated.
  6. Cheating and exploitation, whether through the use of third party programs or bugs found within the game are highly unacceptable.
  7. Members should take initiative and engage in tasks assigned to other divisions when appropriate.
    • When working with another division you are expected to adhere to their policies and to follow the lead of that particular division’s command team.

Our Stance on Memberships

Imperium always has to be your main org. (exceptions need to be approved by FC/HR on a case by case basis – please contact HR for that).

You may not switch Imperium to affiliation without having the approval by FC/HR if you do you will be warned and shortly after kicked.

You may not redact affiliation(s) to other organizations without having approval by FC/HR if you do you will be warned and shortly after kicked.

You may not redact your Imperium membership without having approval by FC/HR if you do you will be warned and shortly after kicked.

You may join other organizations as affiliation as long as their goals do not interfere with Imperiums interests. (If you are unsure about one of your affiliations contact HR)

All of the above is subject to change.


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