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Lynx Armed Forces
Spectrum IDLYAF
TimezoneGMT -10:00 Through GMT +00:00
HeadquartersLevski, Delamar, Nyx
FoundedJanuary 21, 2050
Discord ServerJoin Lynx Armed Forces!

Lynx is an effective, for-hire paramilitary solution. Specializing in small flight squadrons and fire teams, Lynx takes pride in getting the job done, even against a larger force. We value our privacy and that of our clients. We aim to provide an effective, efficient, and ideal paramilitary solution for any situation, regardless of the morality. We take a stand without taking a stance, distancing ourselves from the “Why” and focusing only on the “How.”


Lynx is looking for competent operators interested in combat and willing to be active for at least 2 hours a week. Lynx can provide training to new operators as long as they are willing to work to become reliable and effective. Lynx operators are trained to be skilled multi-role individuals. Each operator must be competent in flight combat, ground combat, EVA combat and be able to get to a location on their own in a timely manner.

Hire Us

Those wishing to hire Lynx may reach out to us in our discord server!


Lynx operators are assigned a section, currently limited to Alpha and Bravo sections. Alpha section focuses on recon and information. Bravo section focuses on exploration. All Lynx sections are primarily combat groups.


What We Do

Lynx Armed Forces aims to provide an effective, efficient, and ideal paramilitary solution for any situation, regardless of the morality. When you hire Lynx you can be assured that whatever needs handling, will be handled by our proactive and professional operators in the most efficient fashion.

About us

At Lynx Armed Forces we take our security very seriously as well as the security of our clients. Never will we reveal a name, of our clients or of our operators.

Why Lynx

Only with Lynx can you trust in complete discretion and professionalism. Lynx takes its jobs very seriously and does not play around. If you want something or someone taken care of, and you don’t want to be incriminated, Lynx is the way to go.

Our Creed

  • Lynx Armed Forces will not undergo piracy. That is our only stipulation. As long as the job stays inside the law Lynx can and will get it done. Our operators are free to undergo any operations they like, independently.
  • Lynx does not reveal the identities of its clients. Or its operators. Lynx operators are expected to change their membership from ‘visible’ to ‘Redacted.’
  • Lynx will provide the utmost professionalism in all operations.


With a long history of successful bounty hunting, Lynx has recently made the decision to expand into not only the security, but paramilitary sectors. Since then Lynx has had a multitude of successful operations

  • In operation Sphyrindae Lynx successfully boarded and took over an Aegis Hammerhead with zero casualties. Lynx was then engaged in battle with a hostile Aegis Hammerhead. Lynx Was able to destroy the enemy vessel and defend against multiple smaller vessels in this engagement. Lynx suffered zero casualties.
  • In operation CR.5 Lynx escorted a high-crime stat pilot while on cargo runs. Lynx successfully fought off multiple hostiles with zero casualties.
  • In operation Retaliator Lynx successfully completed multiple high-risk bounties in a short time frame. Lynx suffered zero casualties.
  • In operation Pignus Dictum Lynx successfully swept and cleared Security Outpost Kareah, eliminating multiple player hostiles. Lynx suffered zero casualties.
  • In operation Exerévnisi Lynx successfully tracked and destroyed a fully crewed hostile Anvil Carrack. Lynx suffered zero casualties.
  • In operation Counter-strike Lynx successfully lured enemy forces into a trap, eliminating an Aegis Eclipse, an Origin 600i, and an Anvil Super Hornet in deep space combat. Lynx suffered zero casualties.
  • In operation Fallax Captiōnem Lynx infiltrated a group of five player targets. At the opportune moment Lynx eliminated the targets in FPS combat. Lynx suffered zero casualties.
  • In operation Processus Lynx successfully held a location against the assault of an Aegis Hammerhead. Lynx then went on the offensive, successfully capturing a location held by enemy forces including an Anvil Carrack and a Drake Caterpillar. Lynx suffered zero casualties.
  • In operation Liberator Lynx successfully freed multiple targets from a prisoner transport and eliminated a target, as per customer demands. In the battle that commenced as security forces responded multiple operators were captured. The remaining Lynx forces managed to arrange a rescue from Klescher Rehabilitation Facility. Lynx then secured a security depot and removed the records of all crimes associated with Lynx operators. All Lynx forces were recovered.



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