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M.A.N.D.A. Corp
TimezoneAUS, EU, NZ, US
LeadersOrion, Rekless Ghost, Phauxnixx, Kranky-Krennic, skippa85, FitchTattoos
FoundersOrion, Rekless Ghost, Phauxnixx
Discord Server

We are a multinational organization with most people hailing from Australia, New Zealand, and United States. We have people in-game and grouping up daily!


We are growing rapidly and seeking members of all stations!


- Mining - This division is focused on Hand Mining, Roc mining, and Ship mining.

- Logistics - This division is focused on Trade Running, Salvage, Delivery Missions, and Info Running.

- Support - This division is focused on Refuel, Repair, Resupply, Medical, Ship Recovery, Tuning, Engineering, and Science & Research.

- Exploration - This division is focused on Base building, Farming, Exploration, Harvesting, Space tourist, Xenolinguist, Jump Point Discovery, Artifact Exploration, and Technology Discovery.

- Black Flag - This division is focused on Piracy, Mercenary, Lawless PVP, Lawless PVE, Drug Running, Contraband Transport, Comm Array Hacking, Espionage. (Activities in this division will likely result in a Crimestat! You have been warned. )

- Security - This division is focused on Freelancer, Bounty Hunting, Ground Escorts, Space Escorts, VIP Protection.

- Space Combat - This division is focused on General Lawful PVP Space Combat, General Lawful PVE Space Combat, PVE Lawful Escort Missions, Area Denial.

- FPS Combat - This division is focused on General Lawful PVP Ground Combat, General Lawful PVE Ground Combat.

- Fleet Operations - This division is focused on Capital Ship Crewing, Capital Ship Operations, Passenger/Diplomatic Transport, Minelaying, Fleet Tactics, Fleet formation design, General Fleet Operations.

- Daily Citizen - This division is focused on Racing, Barista, News Reporter, Sataball Player.


Built upon Strength, Honor, and Loyalty, MANDACORP has paved the way for like minded citizens of the verse to pursue their goals and further their interests while enjoying a fun and friendly environment. Many of our Org members we’ve found just traversing the verse and asking them to join us in our adventures.

We are a multinational organization with most people hailing from Australia, New Zealand, and United States. With people in-game and grouping up daily for all aspects of gameplay. We pride ourselves on being easy to approach, being open-minded, and focusing on enjoying the Star Citizen as it grows around us.


On a daily basis MANDACORP participates in one way or another with the verse, whether we follow the law or traverse the lawlessness of the verse – we will engage in activities that furthers our goals and achieves our intended purpose.

We have divisions for every aspect of the game, without narrowing it down, because we believe that our members should have the freedom to be a citizen the way they want to be. In the future, in order to be a cohesive organization we will have people from every facet of the verse to be a self sustaining and self sufficient.

Being like minded, we all follow and enjoy many Sci-Fi & Space faring entertainment. Most importantly, at the core of our Organization we value and believe in the ideals of the Madalorians, which we readily apply in the verse.

Strength is life – We constantly strive to better ourselves and learn from each other to be the best in the verse.

Honor is life – We honor our commitments and our agreements with citizens that we interact with, and especially members in the Organization.

Loyalty is life – When a MANDACORP member is in need, we will come to assist. If a member is being hunted, the hunter will become hunted by the rest of the MANDACORP members without mercy.

We are here to make an impact in the Star Citizen universe, while enjoying the journey at the same time. Accomplishing this with a crew of org members that are friends, brothers, and sisters in arms – MANDACORP is the best way to enjoy that journey.


Foundation Rules

1. Be respectful to other players and Org members.
2. If rule 1 doesn’t make sense, our Org is not for you.
3. Be somewhat sane
4. No Drama!
5. An understanding of sarcasm is required.

Foundation Credo

Be humble in victory for you have grown stronger.
Be gracious in defeat for you have learned something.
Be respectful to our enemies for they are people too.
Be helpful to new players for we were them once.

We pride ourselves on being a helpful, friendly, and fun Org to be in. But we will show force when necessary, prove ourselves when it’s needed, and defend our brothers and sisters aggressively. Uphold these values and rules and you’ll fit right in.

This is the way.


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