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The MATADORS Corporation
CommitmentHardcore, RP
FocusPiracy & Security
LeadersAce D’Minza (Handle: ENF-Deadminz), Mugan Mason (Handle: LTCOL-Mugan)
FounderCarl Aventador (Handle: General-Aventador)
Founded2947-07-07 11:53:47
Discord Server

“When the Earth became polluted, overpopulated and wrecked by environmental damage, people said the end of mankind had come. We lamented our fate and closed our eyes and embarked upon the infinite ocean of space.”


The MATADORS are a relentless corporation, with a main focus on Piracy, Security details & black market trading throughout the verse. Our intentions are to exercise our freedom. We will be targeting trade routes and mining colony’s in specific for black market trade. We are for provide personal security escorts across the verse & we are also the forefront of underground black market trading.


How to Apply

Fill out our application form on the RSI website, click below for instructions

1. Copy and paste the questions to the RSI application section

2. Come on our discord and PM |Deadminz|Aventador|Mugan|Nesscafe|

3. Once the application has been processed and accepted you will receive a PM on discord.




Corporate rules of the MATADORS are as follows

1. We are a Team. All members of the MATADORS will contribute a percentage to the corporation. Our rewarding system gives fair payment and quarterly bonuses for all ranks. This helps pay for the ships that support you, from refueling and repairs, Reclaimers, and Bombers to our Capital Javelins and IDRIS.

2. It will be a requirement to participate in a minimum of operations and security detail during the week depending on the rank.

3. We are currently opening our recruit processes to other pilots who would be interested in roles other than direct Combat. Let us know what you would like to do. Researchers and Mining operators will gain escorts, and there is plenty of work for skilled Infiltrators, Trade Merchants, Landing/Boarding Crews – and of course, Pilots.

4. We are also looking for additional core members who are willing to take Star Citizen seriously. You will could be involved in Recruiting, Training, Planning, or Strategy.

5. There will be one day a week where everyone will be expected to participate in Training and Raids. As a well-trained and organised team, we will all have more fun, and money.

6. We like to pilot our ships, wander around, and have fun. What’s the point of freedom if you can’t enjoy it? However. During Missions, you must listen to your ranking officer. Our corporation is a militarised structure and must be respected as such.

7. Recruits will be on probation for a minimum of 1 month before consideration of rank. This will be based on all aspects of activity, whether it’s the forums, discord, in game, or otherwise.

8. All available MATADORS are required to defend the capital ship if it is under attack, this is non-negotiable.

9. Discord is for recruits and ranks only.

10. You are required to be active on SPECTRUM.

OUR STORY | Origins

MATADORS: A History of Insurrection and Exploration

The origin and history of Matadors is one of endeavour and rebellion. They began as a group of early colonists seeking to leave a polluted, overpopulated and over regulated Earth. Their original leader John Hunter, whom many believe to be a descendent of the 1800s Australian pirate Charlotte Badger, sounded the call in the late 21st century, “To Mars, for freedom!” His followers answered by being among the first Mars colonists in the early 22nd century, many having departed Earth in the “Mars Rush” of the 2090s.

When it became clear that the rules and laws inside the colony were too restrictive for their taste,  Matadors first went on strike and soon after struck out to create their own sprawling settlement deep beneath the surface in Martian caves where they could take advantage of plentiful resources such as water which they used for drinking, oxygen and converting to hydrogen fuel. Indeed this may have saved their lives.

You see their distrust of the terraforming activities taking place under the auspices of various Earth corporate interests and the United Nations (predecessor to the UEE, UPE and UNE) lead the Matadors to building self contained, self sufficient, 3D printed “Habs” with closed loop systems for ultimate independence.

When the Mars Tragedy struck in 2125, Matadors were the few survivors. As such they were often treated with distrust, even suspicion. The official line was that no one survived the Mars Tragedy. Matadors were being written out of history, declared non-persons. Anyone professing to have survived the Mars Tragedy was deemed a liar or worse.

So when the first jump point to Croshaw was discovered in 2271, Matador families made their way out to the newly discovered star system only to find the same pattern of Mars settlement repeating: Matadors first admired for being many of the first vanguards and explorers would be later be told their way of life was archaic, anti-social and even uncivilized. It was time to move again.

In 2309 Matadors again moved en-masse, this time it was decided rather than make their home on planets they would sail amongst the stars. Afterall their pirate/explorer ancestors sailed Earth’s oceans by using the stars as navigational aids and lived mostly on the high seas, why should Matadors be wedded to land of any sort?

In the century that followed Matadors would often explore newly charted systems, gather resources and move on. What bases they established were more like temporary settlements. This however became increasingly harder to do as the central authority of the UNE placed restrictions of where they could live as well as their activities.

Around this time a new leader, Maipe Reynolds decided enough was enough. He had come from a long line of wanderers. His Polynesian ancestors island hopped their way across Earth’s vast Pacific Ocean. He had no time for any government which would restrict the Matadors wandering and as such decided to fight back against them. Space is vast and in those early years of exploration it was relatively easy for a small band of freedom fighters to launch raids on outposts which had for at least two decades, routinely attacked their ships while enroute from system to system.

Matadors were a formidable organization even back then. What didn’t kill them made them stronger. They became known for conducting “lightning raids”, quick, potent displays of overwhelming force which often put fear into the hearts of those who might cross them. As their numbers grew, the Matadors were emboldened and formed a large organisation of businesses and mining interests to both to fund the organization as well as to clean up ‘dirty money’.

In 2438, as history notes, Vernon Tar became the first human to make contact with an alien species while scanning for jump points in the Davien system. In doing so he discovered a jump point to Bacchus. Some suspect Vernon Tar was a Matador as the Matadors had a large presence in Davien at that time near Davien IV but most historians discount this. Nevertheless, Tar’s chance encounter with a fugitive Banu Merchantman inspired Matadors to venture further forward exploring Banu systems.

The Banu, you see are a species of traders, wanderers, collectors, not unlike the Matadors themselves so when Matadors encountered vast Banu flotilla and their willingness to trade a natural bond was formed. Over the years this relationship grew as the Matadors took on several cultural aspects of the Banu. The Banu’s seeming lack of morals (Banu traded slaves for instance) and a willingness to make money at all costs was attractive to an anarchist organization like the Matadors.

Matadors governance, what little they have, tends to most resemble a Banu Souli than any Earthly system. In fact cultural anthropologists often consider Matadors the first human Souli. Like the Banu, Matadors operate vast businesses (legit and illicit) and have a whole decentralized system of education and apprenticeship.

This decentralized nature as well as the lack of allegiance to any government or even their species itself gave Matadors a counter-culture following even among youth on Earth or Terra. This lead to an influx of would-be Matadors seeking them out. As such their ranks are no longer just filled with descendants of the original colonists but freedom loving people from around the galaxy. One person’s pirate is another’s cult hero after all.

Today the Matadors are a strong organization both feared and loved depending on who you ask. Modern day Robin Hoods to some, scourges of the void to others, they are known for their vast level of infrastructure, organization and precision strikes of almost ridiculous amounts of overwhelming lethal force against any person, corporation or governmental entity which gets on their bad side. They were born wanderers, whose history spans a millennium.  Cross them at your peril.

— Linda Amatipang – Delamar Free Press, 2947