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The MATADORS Corporation
Spectrum IDMatadors
CommitmentExclusive Hardcore Gaming Org
FocusPiracy & Security
Founded2947-07-07 11:53:47


We, The MATADORS, are a dedicated collective of marauders, pirates, traders, and pilots, operating on a universal scale to propel our strategic interests forward. Our purview extends to newly discovered solar systems, untapped natural resources, and the forefront of technological advancements, all emerging from the uncharted worlds and humanoid species we encounter. Our approach is to strategically utilize these discoveries, viewing them as avenues for expanded commerce and enhanced raiding operations.

Our objective is to facilitate a professional and engaging experience that propels us to the furthest reaches of the universe. Whether it involves the strategic acquisition of a capital ship, the high-stakes escort of a valuable individual, or the exploration of uncharted territories, we are equipped to realize these ambitions within the Matadors framework. Our foundation is built on a robust sense of camaraderie and a brotherhood tempered in conflict, with deep-rooted ties to our origins and a history that resonates throughout the cosmos. In joining the Matadors, you become part of a storied legacy, committed to excellence and adventure in the vast expanse of space.

How to Apply

Head over to the Matadors website, and click on enlist.

Corporate rules of the MATADORS:

  1. Team Contribution and Compensation: As a united entity, all members of the MATADORS are expected to contribute a specified percentage to the corporation. Our equitable compensation system ensures fair remuneration and quarterly bonuses across all ranks, underpinning the operational costs of our fleet, which includes maintenance, refueling, repairs, and the upkeep of our diverse range of vessels from Reclaimers and Bombers to our flagship Capital Javelins and IDRIS.
  2. Operational Participation Requirements: Members are required to actively participate in a minimum number of operations and security details weekly, with the frequency contingent upon their rank within the organization.
  3. Community Engagement: While we actively engage in real-life meetups and community events, attendance is optional. However, those who participate often find these gatherings highly rewarding and enjoyable.
  4. Professional Conduct: Our organization prides itself on the intelligence and success of its members. Therefore, a high standard of respect and maturity is mandated to maintain the professional integrity of our group.
  5. Operational Discipline: While personal freedom and enjoyment in piloting and exploration are encouraged, adherence to command during missions is imperative. Our corporation operates under a militarized structure, and respect for the chain of command during operations is non-negotiable.
  6. Probation and Promotion: New recruits will undergo a probationary period of at least one month prior to consideration for rank advancement. Assessment will be comprehensive, encompassing engagement in all facets of our activities, including Discord communication, in-game performance, and other relevant contributions.
  7. Mandatory Defense Protocol: In the event that our capital ships come under attack, it is a compulsory duty for all available MATADORS to engage in their defense. This directive is absolute and integral to our collective security.

MATADORS: A History of Insurrection and Exploration

In the cosmic abyss, the saga of “The Matadors” unfolds, a narrative steeped in defiance and resilience. Their roots trace back to disillusioned settlers from an overburdened Earth, eager for liberation. Under the command of the formidable John Hunter, a direct descendant of the fearsome Blackbeard, they embarked on an exodus to Mars in the late 21st century, driven by a collective cry for freedom. This call sparked a massive migration, known as the “Mars Rush” of the 2090s.

Upon Mars, the Matadors carved out a realm of fierce autonomy. Rebelling against the tightening grip of regulations, they forged a subterranean sanctuary within the Martian caves. Here, they harnessed the planet’s abundant resources for sustenance and energy, remaining aloof from the terraforming endeavors and the intrusive meddling of Earth’s corporate entities.

The Mars Tragedy of 2125, a catastrophe of epic proportions, saw the Matadors among the scant survivors. Yet, in the aftermath, their existence was refuted, their history obliterated. Dismissed as nonentities, they faced scorn and skepticism. Undeterred, they ventured through the inaugural jump point to Croshaw in 2271, only to confront familiar patterns of oppression and erasure.

By 2309, the Matadors had adopted a life of stellar nomadism, emulating their seafaring ancestors in navigating the celestial expanse. Their transient settlements across new star systems stood as emblems of their indomitable spirit. Yet, they faced escalating constraints from the United Nations’ successor on Earth, challenging their freedom.

The year 2617 marked a crucial turning point under the leadership of Maipe Reynolds. Initially open to outsiders, Maipe soon recognized the corrosive effects of external influences. Acts of betrayal and subversion, aimed at diluting the Matadors’ core principles, called for drastic measures. In 2618, a relentless purge ensued, led by Maipe and his devoted followers. The most striking moment of this purge was the icy expulsion of a betrayer into the emptiness of space, a stark symbol of their ruthless resolve.

Following this purge, the Matadors transformed into a symbol of dread and reverence. Their legend for unmerciful and precise assaults grew, solidifying their status as an unstoppable force, unyielding to external pressures or manipulation. They rose as a formidable power in the galaxy, simultaneously feared and admired.

Over the years, various forces attempted to dismantle the Matadors, either through direct confrontation or internal subterfuge. A notable attempt in 2948 backfired, only fortifying the resolve of the Matadors’ loyalists, who had sworn the Blood-Pact Oath and evolved into zealous guardians of their creed. This event fueled a deeper aversion towards any government loyalists, leading to relentless pursuits to eradicate any remnants of opposition, driving them into obscurity like vermin in the shadows.

In the current era, the Matadors stand as bastions of strength and self-reliance, their chronicle interwoven into the fabric of the cosmos. Their legacy is one of defiance, a stark reminder that in the boundless expanse of space, the determination of a few can withstand the pressures of the many. Unfettered wanderers, their odyssey continues as a testament to the enduring spirit of those who refuse to yield to conformity or control. Their journey is not just a path through the stars, but a relentless pursuit of sovereignty and identity in an ever-expansive and challenging universe.

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