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Ominous Presence
Spectrum IDOPUK
LeadersBenadiction OP_Noble
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Formed and owned by a couple of close friends, with the intention of creating a community that focuses on fun and enjoyment of the game. Rather than forcing people into taking certain roles or taking it all too seriously. Ominous Presence has no intention of expanding our ranks to huge numbers; instead our core focus is finding like minded people, to create a small and robust close-knit group of friends, ready to take on any challenge presented before us!


Recruiting - Open

No geographical restrictions.

Limited to players that are able to communicate in English.


- PvP.

- Mining.

- Bounties FPS & Ship Combat.

- Hauling.

- Piracy.

If it’s a game loop, we’ve done it, still do it and excel at it.


Ominous Presence is UK based Organisation, focused on maintaining a close-knit community over size and expansion. All our members are on the same page, create tight bonds and good friendships. This is the type of foundation that the success of OP will be built upon. As such, being selected for a permanent position in OP is something that is hard to gain, but also hard to lose once you’re in.

We have a concrete amount of ability, skills and assets to share with our new members. So, whether you’re new or a veteran player then there’s a potential position for you. Just because you’re a good player doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a good OP candidate either. A brand-new player has just as much influence on an application as a seasoned one. As previously mentioned, our main effort is the environment we build in which our community can thrive upon, your attitude will be your key.

Before you start thinking this all sounds a bit too serious, that’s exactly the type of thing we’re actually trying to avoid. There will be elements of organisation, rules, boundaries etc but that’s purely for administrative purposes and the benefit of the Organisation as a whole. Our main ethos is to have fun and enjoy the game, this will always underpin any decision we make and action we take. There is absolutely zero role playing, MilSim or any other derivative.

Recruitment is open to all locations around the globe, our only restriction being that you can communicate in English effectively. We actively welcome members from all time zones as this will be the backbone of our 24/7 protection of assets once the game launches.

A brief snapshot on what type of person we want to join us would be:

– Doesn’t take the game too seriously. That doesn’t mean won’t put the effort in to achieve goals, that means someone that can take a joke and puts fun as the primary focus even when taking on serious tasks.

– Willing to offer help to new players, in the same respect willing to help yourself and show initiative. Not just relying on the more experienced members to spoon feed you.

– Active on voice comms as this is essential to creating the bonds needed for our close-knit community.

– Be inclusive of everyone of all backgrounds. There will never be room for small minded trains of thought in OP.

– Most importantly a robust sense of humour!

We expect every one of us to support the other both inside and outside of the game where possible. Real life will always come first, yet we will always be there should you need to escape it.

We are the reason you think you’re being watched, we are that feeling you get when surrounded by dark, we are that shadowy figure you see in the distance, we are Ominous Presence.

Are you ready to show your presence?


1. Any Ominous Presence members are to conduct themselves with the utmost professionalism, when interacting with any outside community. – You’re representing Ominous Presence, don’t get yourself yeeted out because you said something stupid.

2. All applicants are to have applied on the RSI website. Additionally set Ominous Presence as their “Main Organisation” once accepted. – Affiliates are also welcome to join, this applies to anyone wishing to become a full member.

3. All members will maintain their Discord server profile name with that of their in game handle. – Right click your name in this server and hit “Edit Server Profile” to achieve this.

4. Use Discord for all Ominous Presence activity. – The use of your own personal Discord server is fine. However, please try not to detract from the overall presence of our community by doing so. It is important that people use this community in order for it to succeed. For instance, playing with friends not on in OP is acceptable. A group of OP members using a different Discord and segregating themselves from the community is not.

5. We welcome new players and actively seek to guide them in the verse. – However understand that this is a way for us to relax and have fun too. We encourage self sufficiency and proactive behavior when it comes to problem solving. Help will always be given, but you need to put the effort in yourself too.

6. Do invite each other to play different games and promote the community. – Star Citizen can burn us all out from time to time. That doesn’t mean Ominous Presence has to go along with it. Please maintain this community and feel free to play other games together. There is a public area on the Discord open to any and all, for any game you wish.

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