ORG:Semperium Logistics

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Semperium Logistics
Spectrum IDLogistics SEMPERIUM Logistics
LanguagePrimarily English
FocusPrimarily Logistics
TimezonePrimarily USA
Discord Server

Here at Semperium Logistics, if you need goods to get from point A to point B while dealing with the priates between, you came to the right place. We love all aspects of being Star Citizens, but cargo and mining are well entrenched in our hearts.


While we are happy to recruit just about everyone, be warned. We are a very open minded community, involving but not limited to LGBTQ+ and furries. If you have a problem with this, please seek answers from the nearest trashcan.


Minging and Cargo. That's almost all we ever do.


Our intentions are to pursue whatever shenanigans tickle our fancy from one moment to the next. Shenanigans are the highest form of fun, and fun is what we aim for. What qualifies as shenanigans? This changes from day to day, moment to moment. It could be mining, trading, bounty hunting, breaking out of jail, exploring, and more.


1. Praise be unto the Sempress, long may she reign.
2. For great shenanigans, shenanigans above all.
3. Shenanigans above all, except where it is to the excessive detriment of your fellow Semperians. We are
   all here for fun.
4. Have fun, but not at the cost of the fun of other Semperians.
5. Don’t be a dick.
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