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FocusSearch & Rescue
HeadquartersNew Babbage, Microtech
FounderQuid Pro Crow
Discord Server

SLIPSAR, Slipstream, formally known as Slipstream Search and Rescue Corporation is one of the largest and most technically advanced Search & Rescue organizations in the verse.

Unlike others, the organization does not charge for their services, instead opting to operate from donations and a logistics unit dedicated to funding the organization's operations.

Slipstream appeared in 2952, and quickly came to gain name recognition for their persistence, and technology. The organization bolsters the most advanced rescue system, as Citizens are able to request rescue directly from the website with the now-famous "Rescue Me" icon, the first system of it's kind in the verse.


Slipstream is entirely operated by Volunteer Citizens who dedicate themselves to saving their fellow UEE persons. The organization consists of three main units, with secondary internal units that oversee the internal operations of the organization.

  • MEDICAL OPERATIONS UNIT: Responders are Slipstream Volunteers dedicated to Search & Rescue recovery and medical treatment of those who need it.
  • SECURITY OPERATIONS UNIT: Escorts are the bread and butter of our Slipstream SAR Security team, providing our clients with safe transportation and defense.
  • SCIENCE & LOGISTICS: Our Logistics team provides engineering and scientific* support services, to help all Citizens navigate the universe safely


Slipstream uses a virtual web interface to communicate within and without their internal communications system, known commonly as Discord. The web system interface on Slipstream's website allows users to immediately request service and use the internal communications system, without ever leaving the website.

Unlike other systems, users are not required to have an account on any third party applications to utilize this system.


Slipstream is a part of the larger network of organizations called Rising Star Mutual Aid Network, as well as operates out of several social media systems such as Twitter, TikTok, YouTube and on the website that allows users to directly request a rescue.

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