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“Attitude is a little thing that makes a BIG difference.” -Banksy

The British Are Coming
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Discord ServerTBAC Discord

When joining us a new member we'd like to stress that you should always feel like you can join in, it's understandable that people can sometimes feel like an outsider when they join a group of people who know each other well, but trust us, we can't wait to get to meet you. There is no skill level or time commitment needed to join TBAC and we know that real life must always come first. We are all here because we want to play with other citizens just like you.

Special events 

When a special event is available we try our best to make sure it is well publicised throughout the Org. Our leadership is always working on cross-org events with as many players as possible. These will be mentioned in the general chat, but if you'd like more info on upcoming events, you can look in the org-events channel on Discord or the events section of the website found here: EventsWeekly sector events

Each of the three sectors generally runs a weekly event, though this can be less frequent during the quieter times in the year, like holiday periods or when a recent patch has made the game too unstable for group events to be practical. The events are generally themed to the sector but be prepared for anything! Our weekly events are: 

- Military Mondays 
- Industrial Wednesdays 
- Science & Exploration Fridays

   •	Submitting Events

If you wish to submit an idea for an event, either contact the relevant sector Admiral / Vice Admiral directly. They will then provide you with an event submission form.


About Us

When joining us a new member we’d like to stress that you should always feel like you can join in, it’s understandable that people can sometimes feel like an outsider when they join a group of people who know each other well, but trust us, we can’t wait to get to meet you. There is no skill level or time commitment needed to join TBAC and we know that real life must always come first. We are all here because we want to play with other citizens just like you.

Our Mission

TBAC is an originally British armada which was transformed to an organization amidst chaos. Over time TBAC has grown to encompass 18 different nationalities from all over Europe and some beyond.

Being friendly and supportive towards each other are the key aspects that define our organization. You’ve got a problem? We are happy to help you out.

We offer everything from normal and peaceful gameplay over specialised sectors (military, industry and science & exploration) to action packed dogfights and ground-based combat.

While freedom of choice is one of the foundations of TBAC, we ask that you respect the military traditions of our organisation. As such we expect you to follow orders if they are given from higher officers.

Our Aims

We have vowed ourselves to the protection and support of every citizen of the ‘verse.

Together we will build a brighter future for everyone. Through military might, industrial power and scientific knowledge. We guarantee peace and prosperity amongst the stars.


“Everyone has their day, and some days last longer than others.” -Banksy

Since the dawn of time Humanity has always looked to the stars. What is out there? What will we find? Is there anything like us? These questions lingered within us for centuries until we finally had the chance of answering them. Originating from ancient Earth, humanity ventured out into the great unknown in search for answers to ancient questions. Planets were colonised and discoveries made. Humanity united and we became an interplanetary species.

But discovery leads to dangers and so humanity encountered a hostile species in the year 2541. With the first Tevarin-war, came a great arming campaign to the world of mankind. One of the many battle-groups created was the historic British-based armada, an armada famous for its deeds in the war and for their unique slogan. On every single one of their ships they would spray the prefix “TBAC” an abbreviation for “The British Are Coming”. This phrase simultaneously spread hope and fear in a time of war.

In 2932 a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade and sought refuge in the seedy underworld, but that didn’t sit idly by, instead they decided to put their unique skill sets to use. Today they are still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them….maybe you can hire, TBAC.



14.07.2867 (Location unknown)


The British Are Coming


To continue being one of the most active UK organisations in the verse!

Core Values

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Equality
  • Justice

Rules of Engagement


• NPC & other game generated entities can be engaged

• Players with crime stats who are NOT hauling cargo can be engaged

• Players with or without crime stats who ARE aggressive can be engaged


• Players without crime stats who are not aggressive must not be engaged

• You must NOT “Grief kill”, repeatedly killing a player over and over again will

result in your immediate dismissal from the Org.

TBAC members are free to engage the UNRESTRICTED targets at any time, the

RESTRICTED targets are not to be engaged without prior consent from either

the Org Admiral or the Military Admiral.

Members who are participating in PIRATE activities must be honourable at all

times, Cargo & Player ransoming is acceptable but must be reasonable. Do not

charge more than 20% of the total value of said cargo, we are here to have

fun; not to extort money from other players and ruin their enjoyment of the

game. If a ransom is paid you WILL honour the agreement and let the target

leave unharmed with their cargo & ship intact.

Smack talk and offensive language in General chat and all other chat channels

is not permitted, nor are boasting or bragging about recent conquests. Keep

chat light hearted, inclusive and fun….

During organised events some of the rules above may be broken, this is at the

discretion of the TBAC management team and is not to be replicated outside

of Org events & operations….

Structure and Sectors

Think of a human body, supported by the spine ( Industrial Sector ) but this is nothing with out the muscles ( Military Sector ) to protect it. And both of these are worthless without the brain ( Science & Exploration Sector ) to process information. Thus all three make up the body that is the TBAC

Our Structure

TBAC is being led by our Org Admiral The_Banksy, Military Admiral Puffer, Industrial Admiral Oibren85, Science & Exploration Admiral Noximilien_Caldero

They are aided in doing so by the Military Vice Admiral Absoluteleigh, Science and Exploration Vice Admiral Jinks5710, Industrial Rear Admiral ScottFerguson and Industrial Rear Admiral Tetin.

Our Sectors

When becoming a TBAC member you will need to choose one of our sectors to join. Now don't worry, being in one sector doesn't stop you from being involved in other sectors activities or events, nor does it stop you from participating in their sector chat rooms. Just choose the one that feels right to you and aligns with the area of the game which you think most interests you (or will once it's out of alpha). You can always change sectors at a later date should you change your mind.

Military Sector

Admiral: Puffer

The Military Sector is the armoured branch of TBAC. Citizens who were born into the verse to kill and are looking for combat action, PvP & group operations are welcome to join the Military Sector. Whether you want to aid fellow troops in combat missions with your space ships or want to safeguard our brave mining/smuggling pilots, the military sector is everything you've ever dreamt about! If you don't have those skills, we will help you to be the best Pilot, Marine or Special Forces operative you can be. Turn your name RED and join the military, help protect your Org mates, bring justice to the verse and generally have fun shooting things.

Industrial Sector

Admiral: Oibren85

Citizens who were born into the verse to make money, trade goods, mine rare minerals, haul cargo or want to research & build their way through the solar system, every organisation needs money men to keep the engines running and the QT flowing... Turn your name GREEN and join the Industrial Sector, network with other miners to find the best deposit, discuss trade routes and find the most profitable runs, there are lots of ways to make money in the game, if you ask Military nicely they might just escort you across the galaxy.

Science & Exploration Sector

Admiral: Noximilien Caldero

It's great to be joining the sector and helping us forge a path forward whilst growing in number. Science & Exploration permeates so much in the verse and our role will be as diverse as it is deep. Don't be fooled by people who tell you there is nothing to explore just yet! When the patch goes live, we will be searching for everything from great mining spots, great trade runs to new locations on planets and more. All under the banner of exploration. Our role is vast and we aimt to take point on discovering new opportunities as well as location! Oh and let's not forget science! Medical gameplay is here and falls squarely into science. Yet another are with awesome supportive opportunities. We are the pioneers, the scouts, the medics and the explorers.

Our Teams

Admin Team

The Admin Team is made up of volunteers from the other three sectors who wish to contribute towards the running of the Org. We do not ask for a serious commitment to join the Admin Team, by joining you are only telling us that you are interested in helping us. If you would like to join us or learn more then you can, just post in the Admin chat or contact Admiral Noximilien

Racing Team

The Racing Team is made up of members from the other three sectors who show a particular interest to the racing grade within the verse. We do not expect a minimum skill level to join the Racing Team, by joining you are only telling us that you are interested in racing in general. If you would like to join us or learn more then you can, just post in the Racing-team chat or contact Admiral Noximilien

Organization Recruitment

TBAC are currently recruiting members! We have a straightforward application process, In order for applicants to be successful you must join the TBAC Discord and say "hello" to one of the moderators. We also ask that you submit an application on RSI. You will be contacted by a moderator, have a brief induction, be given the appropriate tag. After which we look forward to you joining us in the verse!

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