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Spectrum IDTHE99
CommitmentCasual is our foundation. Tools provided to run Hardcore elements within the ORG.
FocusContracts, Opportunities, Reputation, and Networking. Come as you are. Together we build each other up.
TimezoneU.S. East / UTC -4
HeadquartersThe Cantina of course.
FounderBoss_Fett, Lucius_Telles
Founded2951. The beginning of descendants from Task Force 99 finding their way home.
Guilded Server

THE 99 and its Commandos, or also known as Mandos, are Mercs for hire. Contracts are the game. Willing to live in the gray area of the Verse, but not pirates. THE 99 are all for the protection of innocent citizens of the Verse. No allegiance to pirates, no allegiance to the Empire. The lore on our ORG page goes into detail of our history.

Generally, all are welcome. Are all trusted? No. Trust is earned. However, THE WAY guides us and unites us to build that trust together.

The foundation of THE 99 is Contracts, Opportunities, Reputation, and Networking. No hierarchy of leadership, no branches or sections. Purely equal individuals. No obligations. Come as you are. Come and go as you please. Uphold THE WAY.

THE 99 is here to help build you up, not a super ORG. Providing you contracts, opportunities, and ways to get your reputation out there. In return, your work reflects on THE 99 and helps us. Some members choose to be exclusive, to help build up THE 99. This does not go unnoticed, and will have its benefits.

Everything we are founded on, exists today in the Verse. Operating in this manner will ensure a seamless transition to live gameplay when Star Citizen launches.

Not exclusive, come by and grab a seat. Network with fellow Mandos. Make your name in Verse. Casual environment. We do offer the ability to create Cells within the ORG for Mandos that want to take their experience to a more serious and hardcore level. In short, would like a mini ORG with THE 99, managing your crew however you want so long as the THE WAY is upheld.


All are welcome in THE99. Except Pirates. Generally all are approved to join. Do I trust all of you? No. Trust is earned. THE WAY guides us and unites us. We gather here for opportunities and UEC. Together we build our reputation and a family of Mercs. Don't cross the Family. Or else...

Pull up a chair, join us. Network with us. Reach out on spectrum to Boss_Fett.

Happy hunting out there, Citizen o7



We are many, yet we know not where we all are. The present may have us far apart, but the past unites us. Don’t forget where you come from. The time is now to reunite

The Beginning.

UEE Advocacy Commando group Task Force 99 began as a group of elite pilots with the 999th Test Squadron. The pilots served with the 999th during the first Tevarin war and continued to serve once the war subsided in 2546. The pilots of Task Force 99 remained with the 999th during the early period of Ivar Messer’s reign as Imperator. Late into 2547, Imperator Messer requested a group of highly skilled pilots from the 999th Test Squadron be assigned to assist with tracking down particularly dangerous entities. Twenty pilots were selected for their particularly aggressive style, unparalleled efficiency, familiarity with experimental spacecraft, and their above average scores in ground warfare drills. These twenty pilots would be reassigned to a clandestine force within the Advocacy, a Commando group known as Task Force 99 in honor of their service with the 999th. Unlike most Advocacy agents, Task Force 99 would work in cells, with multiple Commandos being dispatched on classified missions to capture or kill extremely high value targets. As the successful missions mounted, Task Force 99 became the subject of whispers among regular agents of the Advocacy. Referred to simply as the 99, these twenty Commandos would go on to boast a 100% success rate while suffering no fatalities.

The Reputation.

In 2553, Task Force 99 was assembled in its entirety and dispatched on a high-profile mission to exterminate a nest of fugitive pirates operating from an abandoned science station. While the orders were to simply eliminate the station and confirm its destruction, an act of pure arrogance resulted in the 99 engaging in a clandestine infiltration to extract the leader of the pirate group for questioning. After successfully infiltrating the station, the boarding members of Task Force 99 quickly realized the people seeking refuge aboard the abandoned science station were not pirates, but families including women and children. Upon capturing a military aged male in possession of weaponry, members of Task Force 99 brought him back to their gunship for questioning. During questioning, they learned that the station was filled with citizens fleeing the rule of Imperator Messer, and that a high-profile member of the resistance movement was hiding among their ranks. Realizing they had been dispatched as an execution squad, Task Force 99 returned the male to the station and made their way back to the Advocacy to report their findings.

The Betrayal.

Upon their return, each member of Task Force 99 was taken into custody and court martialed for disobeying orders. All twenty Commandos were convicted of their crimes; stripped of their rank, medals, awards, and ultimately dishonorably discharged. Left with nothing but disgrace and the clothing on their backs, these pilots set out to make credits the only way they knew how. As former members of Task Force 99 set out as mercenaries, work was difficult to come by. Their trials had been spectacles, their treasonous acts common knowledge, and many referred to the pilots as the “Mandos” who simply could not be trusted. The pilots split off into cells, moving further out into the galaxy in search of contracts and credits. As years passed, and the pilots of Task Force 99 created small groups of trustworthy contractors, the shame of their service began to fade from public memory. Despite their destitute existence and difficulty finding work, members of the 99 refused to cross that line into outright criminality. Although the founding members would never shed the tarnish of their names, their children and grandchildren would build a reputation as highly effective contractors with uncompromising honor and principles.

The 99.

After centuries in the shadows, the end of the Messer Era would finally bring redemption for the former members of Task Force 99. In an act of transparency, classified files from the Messer Era were made public and the true exploits of Task Force 99 came to light. The descendants of the original twenty pilots, and the members of their cells, would find acceptance in the public eye. The insult normally levied at anyone found to associate with a descendant of the 99 would take on a new meaning. The term “Mando” would come to represent honor and bravery in the face of fascist rule. The cells, spread throughout the galaxy at large, began seeking out one another to bask in their new-found acceptance. In 2951, the last cell of task force 99 descendants would agree to join the others in forming a solitary group of mercenaries and bounty hunters. While still loyal to the individuals within their cells, the descendants took up the mantle of Task Force 99 and remain committed to the principles of Honor, Professionalism, and Credits.



We are the ones who get things done. We are the ones people call when their last resort has failed. We are the ones they call because, even if things get messy, we WILL finish the job. Escorts, fugitive retrieval, man a mining laser, medical evac, babysitting, whatever job…if there are credits to be made then we will do it. We have no affiliation with the UEE or any other jurisdiction. Our only loyalty is to The 99 and to credits.

When are we NOT the right people? If your contract involves harming innocents, we can’t help you. If your contract involves assassinating innocents, we can’t help you. If your contract involves outright piracy, we cannot help you. We are freelancers, we are not thugs.

Why the 99? Well, if you have to ask that you haven’t been paying attention, and I hate repeating myself. So come in or get lost. The choice is yours.



Okay, Cupcake. You made it through our beautiful story, you love our stance in the Verse, now time to cover the basics. That would be tacos, tweenkies, and your favorite beverage. Oh…and these ORG expectations…tow the line maggot.

Truly, we are here to have fun. ♫ Citizens just wanna have fuuu-un ♫. Sorry, slipped. I dig my 80’s music. Anyway, we are here to share the game together and have a blast doing it. Yes we lean lawful, but I think everything you have read to this point basically narrows it down to vaporize pirates and vanduul. Don’t harm innocent citizens, rather take their contracts.

We are not going to ask what is in your cargo hold. We won’t ask what went down on your Banu domestic disturbance contract. All we care is that you are doing right by innocent citizens in the verse. Other than that, you do you. Make lots of UEC. Score lots of contracts. Make a name for yourself. Make the ORG the “go to” when someone needs a job done. Top brass will post contracts as we get them so you members can fulfill them, aside from the ones you fulfill on your own. Do it while networking with good people in The 99. We are not exclusive, we believe in networking in the Verse with fellow citizens, but of course we are bias here and would like your full support to help us build a solid reputation as an ORG for hire. With that said, heed the following and get in here!

  We use the Guilded platform for our primary comms (voice/chat). Until you get where we can formally meet in Guilded, please stay in touch via spectrum.

THEWAY (1).png

The Way

Professionalism – No unnecessary casualties. We are professionals, collateral damage isn’t professional.

Maturity – Think Deadpool, but less vulgar. Sort of.

Respect – Give what you get. Innocent bystander? G’day sir/ma’am. Particularly troublesome target? To hell with ‘em and the trash heap they rode in on.

Honor – All jokes aside, do what is right. Always. We may live in the gray area, but we aren’t thugs.

Morality – Laws are ambiguous, morals are subjective. We require you to do the best that you can with the information you have. If something goes sideways, you’ll have your “day in court”.

Mercenaries – Absolutely NO Piracy. Criminals and thugs are our targets, not merchants. The only exception is slave ships…cuz to hell with slavery.

Loyalty – Org members are family. Do not cross them, if you do then you are crossing the org. Doing so is not advised and will, at best, result in an immediate boot.


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