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Tactical Advance
CommitmentHardcore, Exclusive, Lawful
FocusFull spectrum of gameplay
TimezoneWorldwide, 24/7
LeadersTactical Advance, Ichi, Roy, SLAINEuk, The_Director
FounderTactical Advance

Five years ago...

Tactical Advance began five years ago with the vision of building the best organisation in the Star Citizen universe. In order to be the best, we’re attracting the best players. Not just the best pilots, the best miners, or the best shooters… the best people. Always focused on making our community the priority, through all our iterations of leadership, we have always strived to give our membership a voice.

We have grown from a Star Citizen organisation of theorycrafting and genuine interest in a hope-inspiring space sim into a thriving and active community of gamers that have rallied around an idea. We are here to have fun and enjoy a shared experience through gaming.

Tactical Advance is the organisation Chairman and Founder (we call him “Tac”). The organisation was started in early 2014 as a way for fans and supporters to get together and prepare for the monumental task of becoming the best organisation in Star Citizen. Today we are strong and growing and there truly is something for everyone here. We have come a long way, to be sure, but our story is far from over… come and join us in writing the coming chapters!

Our goals are simple: establish a trading empire; explore the edges of the known universe; defend against raiders while striking back at the Vanduul. Above all, we must make sure our members have a great time. So ultimately, we have developed systems for balancing accomplishing our goals with creating an egalitarian structure where members of TA are encouraged to participate, but never forced. No one will ever be required to take an order.

The Future

Individual members of the organisation can make a major difference. Tactical Advance is looking for both leaders and general members to help us complete our vision: combat pilots to defend our fleets, explorers to identify lucrative opportunities, miners and salvagers to extract resources, traders to haul our minerals to market.


How to Apply

Fill out our application form and apply on this site.

1. Register at Tactical Advance Forums (Use your RSI Moniker)

2. Post in the Recruitment Thread to expedite your application

3. Hop on our TeamSpeak, the info is down below, and flag down one of our readily available members and ask them to forward you to a recruiter for an interview. Please use your RSI Community Moniker to join TeamSpeak.

We have 2 restrictions

1. Tactical Advance is a lawful organisation — our members must not take part in piracy. But remember this: for players interest in combat, there will be no shortage of work in Tactical Advance.

2. Tactical Advance is an exclusive Organisation. We do not accept affiliates. It’s acceptable to belong to a social group of friends, but TA must be the main organisation for anyone in TA.

We aim to create the best company in Star Citizen. See you in the ‘verse!


Divisions include:



Science and Exploration

Industry and Trade





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