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team Brigade
FocusMulti-role, non-pirate

A dream, a community, a legacy; reach for the stars - team Brigade.

one. all. team

An ambitious community-focused team who enable their members in enjoying the roles within Star Citizen, team Brigade are known to be ready for combat in the protection of their teammates and their interests, communicate and organise to a high standard without complication and do this, looking out for each other, relentlessly.

Make it so...

Saying it had been a long time coming, the founder and Chief of team Brigade got to work in 2015 by throwing themselves into their project without a loss of steam for the years to come. Through the droughts of extended game development time, he continued to develop his project with a fully-featured website, award system, department structure, Introduction program for Trials and a 40-page Handbook for full-members to use at their leisure.

Asked why he did it, Neil responded with:

" 'If you want something done right, do it yourself'.  Now when it comes to Brigade, that particular outlook is a little against the community approach it aims to produce but at its essence is one person's idealistic aspiring of a specific kind of community for a special kind of gaming.

Friend, family or stranger, I've seen over my years that trust is something I've let go.  The reality is that people let me down all too often.  In one of my occupations, I'm troubled by the selfish, the rude, the ignorant and bullies.  In gaming, I've endured all the waiting, disappointment, failures and bickering from those that arrive late (or not at all), are indecisive, unmotivated, disorganised or don't tell you what they are doing.  I have played in several groups who resemble a team but ultimately, are no such thing.

So, what is a more trustworthy way to filter out these types of people than to regulate a team myself?  A rooted reason for Brigade's presence is to have a place in which I can surround myself with people that look out for me, and cause me to secure some of my trust once more in looking out for them too.

Efficiency and organisation, along with communication do not have to be connected to stress, strictness and anxiety.  With a team, everyone helps each other, and in Brigade, I want members to do so in whichever way they feel happy with - to make all our experiences together in gaming, in Star Citizen, in this community - that special something I dream of".

COMM array Online

Initialising as early as October 2018, Brigade's presence on the streaming platform 'Twitch' officially and professionally came online for regular broadcast 1 year later after many iterations and testing. The idea of opening this channel through the array was for fellow Brigade members to have another medium to get involved with each other in a fun way within a massively growing trend of live gameplay. With the intent to show citizen's what Brigade does and how effectively they do it, the channel was another form of recruitment and friendly public interaction too.

Publically open, users can log-on using this link: Brigade on Twitch.

Notable Events

It is heard that team Brigade are keen to make an impact in the 'verse as developments ramps-up into 2023 and their community expands to fill roles. With recent new members and gameplay ahead, the dream is looking closer to becoming reality.

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