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Terra-Nova Incorporated
HeadquartersTerra , Terra-Nova System
LeadersJack Taylor
FounderJack Taylor
Discord ServerContact the CEO for details

Welcome to ''Terra-Nova Incorporated'' Official Wiki page!

• History

● What is Terra-Nova Incorporated ?

Established in 2938 by Jack Taylor , Terra-Nova Incorporated or T.N.I is a UEE legal multi-activity organization.We started by establishing trades between companies that is human and non-human , we later began in the field of exploration and mining and selling minerals to parties interested. Even to this day, it’s one of our largest profits and it keeps on growing as technology keeps advancing.

As of 2947 we specialize in Exploration | Science | Mining | Trading | Security | Logistics | Salvage!

● Where do we originate from ?

Terra-Nova originates from Terra-Nova System , specifically from Terra.

Terra is considered a “Super Earth” due to its size and environmental similarities to Earth. In fact the planet was given the name Terra because of those naturally existing similarities, such as an oxygen-based atmosphere, indigenous vegetation, vast oceans, and temperate climates..


• Departments

As of 2948, Terra-Nova Incorporated is consisted of seven departments.

  • Mining - ''Make a living mining minerals and ores!''
  • Science - ''Help us discover new species and minerals!''
  • Trading- ''Make a living buying and selling commodities!''
  • Security- ''Help secure valuable cargo and important sites!''
  • Logistics- ''Help us manage some of our assets!''
  • Exploration- ''Discover new Systems and Planets!''
  • Salvage & Repair- ''Make a living helping others in need!''

• Department Roles

Once a member joins a Department , he will have a Role based on hes liking within hes activity. Each Team is consisted of 5 Members.

• Mining

Prospector • Prospector • Prospector • Prospector • Prospector

• Science

Biologist • Geologist • Cartographer • Botanical Scientist

• Trading

Pilot • Merchant • Logistic worker

• Security

Designated Marksman • Fire Team Leader • Marine • Medic • Support

• Logistics

Logistics worker • Logistics Specialist

• Exploration

Pilot • Biologist • Geologist • Cartographer

• Salvage & Repair

Salvage worker


• Ranking & Requirements

If you decide to join ''Terra-Nova Incorporated'' , you will be assigned with a Rank. You will be able to request jobs in the ''Terra-Nova Incorporated Network'' yourself and other members the word is master yoda can participate and help you. The members with the most influence points might be put in charge of Terra-Nova Incorporated'' operations and manage departments.

• Intern

Assigned to those who recently joined ''Terra-Nova Incorporated''

• Employee

Assigned to members who have been actively part of T.N.I for more then two months

• Senior Employee

Assigned to a group of dedicated members who proven to be very active and committed to ''Terra-Nova Incorporated'' over the span of 6 months

• Operations Manager

Promotion to Senior Employees that prove to be loyal , active , and extremely committed to ''Terra-Nova Incorporated'' over the span of 1+ years

• Vice-President

CEO's right arm.




Interested in applying for ''Terra-Nova Incorporated'' ?

If you decided to apply for ''Terra-Nova Incorporated'' , be sure to check Spectrum Messages , the CEO will message you there!

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