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Test Squadron - Best Squardon!
Spectrum IDTEST
FocusExploration, Trading, Pirates, Marines, Miners, Bounty hunters, Role players, Drunk guy
FounderGlorious Montoya!
Discord Server - Stop by anytime!

About Test Squadron

From the casual weekend warrior, to the serious 70 hrs/week hardcore gamer, we are here to cater to YOUR needs as a gamer looking to get the most of out Star Citizen!

We plan to engage in ALL aspects of the game:

   •	Exploration
   •	Trading
   •	Pirates
   •	Marines
   •	Miners
   •	Bounty hunters
   •	Role players
   •	Drunk guy

Imagine if you will

You log into the game.

You start off in the TEST space station which lies on the fringes of lawless space near some very lucrative resource rich asteroid belts. The bar is very busy this time of night, so you walk over to the local tavern to get yourself a Flaming Moe.

A group of rowdy, scruffy looking characters are making a lot of noise at the back of the bar. They are drunk in real life and are forming up a squad of Auroras. This is the weekly drunk roam, and it’s about to start!

Drunk Squad filters out the exits, firing their pistols in the air, screaming something about streaking and make a dash for the hangars. They’ll pick a random direction to go find some action, or pass out, whichever comes first. At least half of them will probably explode before they make it out of the hangar.

Sitting at a booth beneath a low hanging light are a more serious group of explorers. They are coordinating this evening’s activity by plotting the safest route to a new jump point that was discovered last week. They need a few more crew members for the Idris. They are family friendly, mature, dedicated role players who are making the most out of the immersion the game offers. If you want to join their fleet you will be required to remain in character the whole time.

Standing at the bar are several gruff and tough looking marines. The “Yellow Jackets” are ace pilots and have a scheduled operation taking place in 30min. This is a pre planned spec ops military incursion into enemy space. TEST scouts have reported a build up of enemy Retaliators, the Yellow Jackets

Yellow Jackets - the Test Squadron Combat Division!

are about to lay out some pain. This will be a strict military style op, you will be required to obey orders if you wish to join.

In the far corner sits a lone wolf. She is finishing up a drink and heading out to roam wherever the solar winds may take her this evening. She may do a cargo run, or she may go on a stealthy mission to try find some alien tech to upgrade her ship. Follow along or go your own way.

We do not tell you how to play the game, we just provide the environment and atmosphere to make it better!


We could put up a long and boring manifesto, but we know you would not bother reading it.


You have the right to crash your Aurora.

Glorious Aurora in the proper livery.

If you do not have an Aurora, one will be issued to you.

You can decide at any time to exercise your rights to crash in any other ship in order to make a more explosive statement.

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