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The Mockers
FocusPiracy, Smuggling, Entrepreneurship
HeadquartersWorld Wide
WebsiteThe Mockers AO
Discord ServerMockers Discord

Run Faster. That is the motto of The Mockers. A legitimate corporation interested in the acquisition of resources and allies in the pursuit of profit.


The Mockers Specialize in Transport/Criminal/Exploration

Primary Language: English

Region/Timezone: USA/EU

Whether due to outrunning the law, advancing your ambitions, or to find your target – Our motto is Run Faster. An anti-UEE organization, we choose to still be respectable members of the Community while upholding our values of Freedom, Profit, and Opportunity.

The Mockers Discord

The Mockers Organization


Mockers Manifesto

Our purpose is to provide unique opportunities for members of The Mockers by utilizing a network of assets that only the organizational flexibility and opportunistic nature of The Mockers makes available. We make the impossible possible.

Our primary goals as an organization are to focus on entrepreneurial work that the community at large can partake from – many of these will come in the form of services which will be provided to the public. By going where others only dream of, we can provide more fulfilling and enjoyable experiences for everyone involved. To accomplish this, our reputation is of the utmost importance. We absolutely believe in a solid and reliable reputation where people will find a positive social experience whenever you are dealing with a Mocker.

Despite our goals to make interactions with our organization positive – some goals will lead to disputes with others. This will inevitably lead to entities having a particular dislike or propensity to interfere with our goals; despite that, it is our intent to act as charming and amicably as our reputation will have preceded. As well as to ensure that not only our reputation for amicable interactions is upheld, but also our reputation for accomplishing our ends by any means necessary will be enforced. For this reason, The Mockers believes in a visible military presence to ensure and enforce our will in what is an undeniably by its very nature a competitive and hostile universe.

The Mockers are strong believers in open-trade, market creation, services for social interaction, convenience and entertainment. Our ultimate goal is to make our full potential accessible for ourselves and the community.

Core Values


Loyalty is the over-arching principle that you can rely on and trust each other as members of The Mockers Network. This inherently leads to camaraderie, commitment, reliance and mutual confidence amongst our members. Loyalty to the organization is something that can only be developed with time, after hours and assets have been put into developing The Mockers. One is much less likely to wish to destroy that which he feels pride for and has built. This leads back to what is discussed in our principles of Participation and a Drama Free Environment below. Participation is acknowledged and rewarded because it promotes loyalty. In totality, these principles will lead to the most desired form of loyalty that arises from a natural desire for an individual to perpetuate positive experiences in their environment, in this case a fun, reliable and involved gaming organization.


This applies to both internal community but also developing connections with our external community at large.

Our internal community values relies on our forums. The forums are for general communication through mutual sharing of information, discussing projects to gain multiple perspectives, sharing events with each other and knowing what we are each up to so we can share in each others’ experience. Along with this, other tools are provided, such as an internal Wiki, a Ventrilo for live interaction and event coordination.

Our external community goals are the responsibility of every member, but principally handled by our Media department corporation, Light Speed Interactive. Their goals are to share The Mockers’ identity with our peers in the community. We ask all our members to be involved community members and augment and share The Mockers’ vision. Contributing to our entertainment, services, establishments and projects is an important value for being a contributing member of our community.


In The Mockers we believe in a tight sense of involvement with each others goals, even if simply in a vocally supportive nature. Monitoring and knowing who is active and involved, as well as taking initiative and leadership is an important part of our organization. The corollary to this being we will know who is not involved. A contributing and productive member is very valuable and we will make sure that those individuals are recognized for their efforts. If a member, no matter at what level of the organization, expects to be inactive for an extended period of time we simply ask that they let us know, as a comrade and as a gaming club.


As Mockers we believe in immersion into the environment we are playing. We wish to provide and enjoy an experience that gets into the spirit of our game. This value comes with the understanding that immersion can be broadly defined by any individual, however, we promote and are happy to collaborate with any level of immersion that a person wishes to bring to the organization. We don’t support behaviors that tend to break a level of immersion that we expect to enjoy. This can be as simple as ‘drama’, ‘lol-catting’, immature behavior and beyond. We wish to enjoy the games we play as presented to us, especially in the spirit of the open nature of multi-player interaction and The Mockers.

Free Speech

We promote all forms of free speech that are intended to contribute to the sharing of thoughts, beliefs and enlightenment. This means that discussions centering on religious, political, and socially opposing perspectives are perfectly acceptable and promoted. We do not believe in censoring nor restricting communications on the resources we provide to our community. There is a strong chance that an individual who holds strongly to a particular belief or position will find someone who disagrees with him on our forums and that will be vocalized. We think that the ability to exchange in civilized banter in such situations is the highest form of maturity and enlightenment.

We do not tolerate any forms of racism, bigotry, prejudice; we do not tolerate a perspective that inherently diminishes the value of any human being or group of human beings simply based on ignorance, misdirection, misinformation, or propaganda.

Drama Free Environment

Drama is particularly not appreciated in The Mockers. Due to the methods of operations, the potential for profits and the community reputation we endear to – drama will be not tolerated since it can and will infect the whole community. We believe strongly in a fun gaming environment and strongly assert that no one individual is in any way indispensably crucial that this organization’s members must suffer a poor gaming experience. We understand that individuals can become strongly emotional both singularly as well as in groups. We also understand and believe in people to express their beliefs and opinions freely, but that in itself is not drama.

Drama is defined by a negative reaction to circumstances with poor communication between parties leading to an intentional or unintentional degradation in camaraderie and openness that is prone to contagious spreading amongst other individuals that leads to degraded enjoyment for everyone. With enough experience and attention to detail, these circumstances can be avoided and preempted.

The leadership has a litmus test to determine how disruptive any given situation has become. When a situation rises which requires the leaderships attention due to a members behavior or attitude, the leadership will naturally find themselves discussing the matter amongst themselves. This is the first indication something may be wrong. If after 30 minutes of discussion that focuses on an individual or group of individuals’ behaviors or actions it is found that the problem is disrupting our members and their promise of a drama free environment, most likely identified by distaste at that members behavior or attitude, then the leadership will move to discuss the situation directly with the individuals as necessary to resolve the situation. That is the second indication something is wrong. If within 30 minutes of discussion with the individuals the leadership is unable to either resolve the dispute or a rational outcome is determined to require an unnecessary amount of discussion and effort to convince the individuals to stop acting in a disruptive fashion due to their reluctance to be rational, they have fixated perspective that is incompatible with the the realities of The Mockers or an Internet organization in general, inexplicable stubbornness in the face of reason, or any similar and unnecessary difficulties, then the situation will be determined to have become unnecessarily “Dramatic”.

No individual or group of individuals is worth multiple man-hours of discussion from the leadership or anyone in the organization to resolve a problem under stressful conditions because situation has become dramatic due to specific individuals’ problems. There is extraordinarily few situations that should not be resolvable by simply reminding the individuals that “we are playing a game over the Internet” and by the assertion that “we are here to support you, and we will find a resolution to this problem with you”. By the point the litmus test has been administered it to completion is too late. The leadership will handle the situation as they deem fit, most likely removal of one or more of the ‘dramatic’ parties. The policy is in place under the “Don’t feed the trolls” initiative. Zero tolerance leads to zero perception that any dramatic action is in any way appropriate ever.

It is not in the principles of The Mocker that we must baby-sit, cater to egos, or help the unhealthy mind simply because someone is a member of our organization at the detriment of the organization. Also, It is the leaderships and the members responsibility to ensure that this policy is not abused or taken out of context for social or political reasons of any sort. There are times when being emotional, strongly opinionated and passionate are acceptable and encouraged – however the effect on the whole must be taken into consideration as one does so.


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