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Trade & Traverse
Spectrum IDTDTS
FocusTrading, Cargo, Mining and Private Security
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Trade & Traverse is a fictional Organisation set within the Star Citizen universe which aims to unite all the Traders, Miners and Haulers in one place for their love for Trading Exploration and Mining to create new opportunities for players within the game.


The Company name Trade & Traverse shortened T&T derived to reflect its past and current etiquette. The word “Trade” simply means we’re means of traders and “Traverse” conquers the meaning of exploring the far depths of the universe to get our job done.

Many of our customer base thrive in the most hostile part of the known universe. It is important to T&T anything and everything of all sizes & risks gets delivered and handover in a prompt manner. Against all odds.

Our job is to connect people and improve their lives. We’re made up of a family of closely-knit business divisions all working together to meet our customers’ needs. To deliver more than just minerals and cargo.

Our people are our biggest strength and each career story is unique. To understand why our employees are so passionate about their work, what motivates them every day and how they master challenges, view their stories and get inspired.

Our ambition is to deliver excellence in everything we do – for our customers and our people against all odds!

T&T currently consists of 3-divisions and 1 Subsidiary.


T&T’s flexible model, using only quality carriers, means you benefit from improved service levels, greater flexibility and time-definite deliveries. Our expertise in transport management and planning allows us to design a solution that meets your needs and also quickly respond to any event disruptions, such as weather.

Integrated Road networks, covering the known space. Through our network of control points and state-of-the-art technology, we are able to monitor and dynamically react to situations such as* adverse weather, additional pick-ups or drop-offs, or pirates*, meaning that your goods are always traveling the most efficient route.

Our non-asset-based Road network provides you with flexibility, improved service levels, accelerated delivery, reduced direct and indirect costs and much less complexity.

  • Deliver Environmentally Responsible Client Services
  • Provide Employees with an Attractive Working Environment
  • Be an Active Community Partner
  • Maintain High Ethical Standards
  • Drive Continuous Improvement
  • Freight Security
  • Air & Ocean Cargo Insurance
  • Our highly efficient customs brokerage
  • Clearance and compliance service
  • We ensure complete security


We are committed to provide a challenging environment and opportunities to learn and growth. Creativity and innovation are promoted for improving the business efficiency. By improving our efficiency, we expand the business day by day for delivering more to our cus­tomers against all odds!

Our solution-based mindset that we want to be your all-inclusive broker for logistics activi­ties and move your business forward. We believe that if the customers are happy, they come back and settle long-term partnerships. And that makes us happy!

To fulfill these aims, our services must be excellent, our reputation high and the satisfaction of our clients’ interests vital.

We appreciate the importance of our members receiving all the necessary information to enable them to carry out their work and equally, that all employees should be kept informed on business performance and developments on a regular basis.

  • Domestic and verse-wide courier services
  • Secure and Reliable
  • Speedy messenger services and special deliveries
  • Urgent and confidential delivery
  • Courier on call
  • Dedicated courier for commodities and volatile cargo deliveries


Our business model spans the full mining value chain from exploration, development and construction, to mining operations, supported by strategic resources and relationships es­sential to the effective execution of the business.

We generate revenue by selling the metals contained in the ore we extract and process. We ensure the longevity of our business by exploring and developing new projects.

Our value creation strategy is intrinsically linked to our business model, spanning the full mining value chain, supported by strategic resources and relationships essential to the ef­fective execution of the business. Our activities create economic value in the known space where we operate through wages and benefits, payments to local contractors and suppliers, and vendors, controlled territories and federal taxes.

We seek to create sustained value for stakeholders across precious metals cycles, focusing on high potential projects that can be developed into low-cost, world-class mines.


  1. EXPLORE - Ensure growth by replenishing depleted reserves and maintaining a robust growth pipeline.
  2. DEVELOP - Deliver profitable growth by advancing projects towards commissioning, while optimising cash flow and returns.
  3. OPERATE - Maximise the potential of existing operations while maintaining position as a leading low-cost producer.
  4. SUSTAIN - Advance and enhance the sustainability of our business and uphold our licence to operate.


BULWARKS is a privately owned security services and subsidiary of Trade & Traverse offering a wide range of highly focused industrial’s leading-edge protection services and resource solutions. Originally founded as a measure to protect T&T members against the hostiles in the verse. In over two decades, our work has taken us from our home base in Hurston to the snowy lands of Microtech, and across 60+ systems.

We envision a verse in which our clients’ people and assets are safe and secure. To achieve this vision, we will be the leading provider of security services and business solutions in the verse, establishing ourselves as the trusted security partners of corporations, private clients and governments verse wide, and providing trustworthy, fully vetted security information on a huge scale.

BULWARKS provides 4 state of the art industry security solutions tailored for your specific needs.


Visibility is a powerful crime deterrent. By our presence alone, Bulwarks can help enhance your employees’ safety and reduce the risk of vandalism or theft on your property or at your facility.


Offered as a complete service our solution enables smooth transport and delivery of cargo and prevents theft and fraud.


Any criminal or potential criminal scoping out your event, establishment, sites and routes will be a bit lazy, and more opportunistic than anything. So, for a potential criminal, when deciding on where they want to commit their crime, the sight of a patrolling security guard will seriously deter them from even considering your surroundings.


With seamless flexibility and scalability, Bulwarks provides the most ideal product solution, combined with all the necessary expertise and experience for mining security requirements. Bulwarks goes beyond surveillance to offer a sophisticated protection that enables operators and managers to function in a multi-tiered control environment.



This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, business, events and incidents are the products of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

By the brink of the Messer Era, the government funds an ever-growing military complex and increased taxes on planetary shipments across the controlled territory. When off-world goods were considered unaffordable luxuries, many had begun to depend on black market smugglers for their everyday survival. If anything, that history tells us Smuggling was far more of a risk factor compared to today. During these harsh times when Navy was taking extensive actions against smugglers due to protect important tax revenue stream. Yet so many secretly hauled goods throughout the controlled territory across jump points and blockades, who were known as the “conveyors”.

One of the conveyors named Evlyn Alaegha, who paved the way to the foundation of Trade & Traverse. When Hanso Malloy, the founder of Covalex Shipping managed to acquire an official transport license Evlyn came forward in support to make the way for the Covalex’s growth by agreeing to haul something that everyone needed but no one wanted to deal with, a load of fertilizer called moly-nitronese to the newly terraformed world. With the license at work, both Hanso and Evlyn managed to go through scanners and blockades without a sweat which they ironically took advantage to smuggle goods throughout the system.

When Malloy went legit with Covalex, she was kind enough to offer Evlyn a permanent position within the Management. Refused and decided to found her own smaller organisation she named it Trade & Traverse, the name itself derives from what she’s good at which is Trading and her never-ending love for Exploration which leaves us to the word Traverse.

After Covalex accepted Messer government’s proposal as their official vendor, the company moved from shipping fertilizers and small commodities to something beyond fertilizers, the market was open to haul smaller goods, that’s when Evlyn stepped in. single-handedly she hauled goods across borders, wormholes and galaxies for common people. Earning an excellent reputation, she quickly rose up the list of Entrepreneurs across the known space.

Her reputation for providing services against all odds inspired a lot of people who then decided to join the cause to get people what they need, which is no matter the size and risk for an affordable cheap price. Because of this T&T quickly gained not only a reputation but a common trust and a bond within the common people of the universe.

Next thing we knew Evlyn managed to expand T&T into 2 divisions opening up new opportunities for all people not only in the field of Trading but Mining and Cargo delivery too. Weeks after the launch people across systems started to seek T&T by name, it’s probably because of the on the go mobile service which benefited small-time vendors, merchants, farmers and more beyond borders. She even came up with the Motto “CONTRA OMNES DISSIDENT” for her love toward the rich culture and history of Terra from the Sol system.

Even after her passing Evlyn’s legacy still remains and to this day T&T aims to Traverse, Triturate and Transfer against all odds! for the people who need them most.

As of 10th June of 2950, T&T established it’s first-ever Security division the “BULWARKS”. Bulwarks not only aims to secure against all odds also envisions a verse in which our clients’ people and assets are safe and secure. To achieve this vision, we will be the leading provider of security services and business solutions in the verse, establishing ourselves as the trusted security partners of corporations, private clients and governments verse wide and providing trustworthy, fully vetted security information on a huge scale.

We admire the spirit of those who push the boundaries, those who fly uncharted space and those who settle inhospitable worlds. We understand that living life on the edge of known space is perilous and every day is an extreme challenge. That’s why we do what we do against all odds!

Rules of constitutions

  • This is nothing but a virtual universe
  • Always real life comes first
  • Make sure you play and engage within the laws of the SC universe to enhance your experience
  • Abide by the laws of the Organisation.
  • Help and be nice to each other at all costs, request one if you’re part of T&T
  • There’s no commitment, you want to opt-out have it your way.
  • Apart from donations, you don’t have to earn us jack.

If you wish to abide by these, you’re already hired! Remember to have fun and take breaks in-between long session. There’s no commitment, this organisation’s sole purpose is to unite traders, haulers and miners of this verse in unity.

Basic Requirements

  • Beginners knowledge in Star Citizen’s Trading mechanics
  • Knowledge in Efficient legal trading routes, you can deal dope but at your own risk
  • [If Trader/Cargo] Candidate must own atleast one ship that can haul cargo.
  • Must be a risk-taker and should be able to traverse long distances.
  • Knowledge in efficient mining and trading routes
  • [If Miner/Trader] Must own a mining ship.
  • Experienced Combatant with atleast one Combat Ship

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