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United Empire of Earth Naval Reserve
Spectrum IDUEENR
FocusRegular role play, Mil-Sim, Dedicated
HeadquartersTohill III
LeadersAdmiral Hawk, Vice Admiral Moose, Captain Draco
FounderAdmiral Hawk
Discord Server


The UNITED EMPIRE of EARTH NAVAL RESERVES ( UEENR ) is a force of dedicated, disciplined Starmen who have answered the call to defend humanity against the onslaught brought about by the Vannduul against the empire. The Naval Reserves has several specialized commands within to help cover the wide variety of mission needs asked of it.


The UEENR is dedicated to upholding the laws of the UEE and to defend the territory of the UEE from threats both foreign and domestic. We will maintain a fleet, develop fighting tactics, and train the next generation of Naval Starmen to meet the new threats that emerge.


Founded in 2924 by former members of the Imperial Navy who were eager to continue serving the Empire after they’d finished their final tour. The UEENR quickly became very popular amongst former UEEN personnel, soon growing into an entire Fleet. Now leading the fleet is Admiral Hawk who assumed command of the UEENR in 2944 to the present day. Now celebrating its 20th anniversary the UEENR Has become a well-oiled fighting machine with a strong system of leadership commanding a modern, efficient and self-sufficient fleet.


The UEENR has 3 different commands:

Recon Command:

Dedicated to the information gathering and dissemination of intel to [REDACTED].

Tactical Command:

Tasked with the execution of missions and distribution of forces across the universe. From [REDACTED] deployments to [REDACTED]. The Tactical Command also encompasses the training squadron of the Naval Reserves. This, in turn, makes certain that current starmen in training receive the combat experience expected of a naval force.

Support Command:

Maintaining the supply which keeps the machine moving forward. The Support Command is dedicated to the continuous moving of men and equipment to and from the front lines of combat. As well as providing transportation and medical care for those in need. They keep the lights on and your belly full as they say.


Auxiliaries - Members of registered organizations that support the UEE who wish to serve the navy as an affiliate, not full time.

Enlisted - Full-time member of the UEENR.

Officers - Full-time member of the UEENR.

Fleet Council - Registered organization leaders of affiliated orgs of the UEENR.

Admiral - Leader of the UEENR.




Vice Admiral

Rear Admiral



Lt. Commander


Lieutenant Junior Grade



Master Chief Petty Officer

Chief Petty Officer

Petty Officer

Leading Starman




Officer Trainee

Starman Junior Grade

Enlisted Trainee


Every job in the Naval Reserves carries with it tremendous importance for the successful defense of the Empire.

Reservist advances their careers along either of two paths: Commissioned Officers or Enlisted personnel.

Officers, lead with confidence and bear the responsibility to ensure that the mission is accomplished by making the tough decisions.

Enlisted, are called upon to execute key functions on command without hesitation that could determine the outcome of major battles critical to the success of a fleet.

Feel free to spread the word about us in your other online community circles where acceptable, and to anyone, you see worthy of serving in the UEENR.


If you or your Squadron want to join the UEENR and think you’ve got what it takes, then here’s what we’re looking for.

  • Able to work as part of a team towards a greater goal
  • Courteous and respectful of authority
  • Loyal to the UEE
  • A desire to make the verse a better safer place
  • Willing to dedicate time to training

If that sounds like you then fill in our Application Form, apply to on our RSI page, and join our discord.

Read our Manifesto and Charter Sections or Pop by our Discord and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.


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