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United Space Confederation
Spectrum IDUSC
CommitmentCausal, with opportunities to be Dedicated and Role-Play Friendly
FocusThe United Space Confederation was conceived as an organization that would offer something for everyone, set in an environment that maintained fun game play experiences as the top priority. In keeping with the very high standards that Star Citizen has already set, the founders of the USC set out to create an in-game faction that would integrate well into the established universe, while maintaining its own style and theme as well as allowing its Citizens the freedom to immerse themselves in the game however they wished.
TimezoneUnited States, Europe Asia and Oceania
LeadersLykinn, Neshy, Landscaper, Quintero, Twilly Frost and Mojomonkey
FoundersLykinn and Neshy


Active Community

Thriving forum and Discord community gives you a great environment to interact with your fellow Citizens. Join in and get active, make new friends, discuss Star Citizen and other topics. While the original USC concept was to be a Star Citizen exclusive group, we have since expanded to a general community that engages over many topics and games, all while eagerly awaiting the full release of Chris Roberts’ space epic.

Mature and Respectful

Tired of the rude or drama-filled interactions that can fill the internet? Our community consists of polite and respectful people. We actively enforce our Drama-Free Zone policy; that means you can always expect to have a fun, pleasant experience when interacting in USC space. Since the United Space Confederation’s founding in 2013, we have stayed true to our original vision while continuously updating and improving based on contributions of our Citizens, as well as new information released about Star Citizen.

Diverse Citizen Base

United Space Confederation Citizens extensively cover the regions of Europe and Americas with a growing player base in other areas. No matter which of Earth’s time zones you reside in, you will always have Citizens to fly and play with.

A Group for the People

We stand by our Values

Equality, Prosperity, Freedom – All citizens are valued parts of the USC and have the ability to help shape the organization.

Play how you want

No enforced playtime requirements or strict roles means that you can play Star Citizen in the way you want to, whenever you want to.

Dedicated Leadership

A diverse set of backgrounds, life experience, and experience with previous guilds offers USC leadership a wealth of information to draw from. These Citizens have dedicated well over a year’s time to their positions; you can count on them to keep the United Space Confederation’s best interests at heart.

Community Emphasis

Our community is the focus of the United Space Confederation. We actively encourage Citizens to give us suggestions and feedback to enable the organization to constantly improve. Artwork, videos, fan-fiction or role play, any work from Content Creators, we love to see it all! It’s awesome to see how much the USC has changed and improved over its existence thanks to Citizen contributions. That’s why our emphasis is focused on the community; only with a strong community can we achieve great feats in the Star Citizen universe.


Interstellar Commerce Department

Branch Overview

The USC’s Interstellar Commerce Department (ICD) is, like all branches, a vital part of United Space Confederation operations. This branch sets USC budgetary goals and policy, manages all incoming and outgoing funds through the USC Treasury Department, sets standardized tax rates, coordinates heavy mining and salvage operations as well as trade runs, negotiates trade deals with foreign governments and organizations, sets import and export taxes and tariffs, and other duties.

Economic Policies are set through talks and negotiations between USC High Command, the USC Citizen’s Senate, and the Interstellar Commerce Department. Once policy goals are agreed upon, the ICD is responsible for setting the best policies for achieving those goals.

Economic Stability

Wealth is one of the keys to organization strength; without it, we are crippled. The United Space Confederation is committed to maintaining smart economic policies to ensure we have a stable economic system and uphold responsible spending habits. Involving three groups when setting policy goals helps us ensure economic stability and accountability.

Coordinate with other Branches

Time is money, and people flying for the Interstellar Commerce Department need to know the best routes and the best opportunities possible. Not only that, space continues to be a dangerous place, especially with Vanduul and pirate attacks on the rise. Damaging your ship or losing cargo means less profits. Working with the United Space Confederation Expeditionary Corps and Defence Forces ensures you will have a lucrative journey and arrive home safely.

Help Define Economic Policy

Because so little fact is known about Star Citizen’s economics, we can’t set our policies in stone yet. Until the game’s systems are final, there are a number of Citizens helping to theorize and discuss possible ICD Policy for the future. Sharing your ideas with us is a way that USC Citizens help shape and define who we are as a group. Once we have enough information to set the USC baseline policies and structures, continue to contribute your ideas by either working from within the IDC or share your voice in the Citizen’s Senate.

Defence Force

Branch Overview

The United Space Confederation Defence Force (USCDF) is the backbone of our Citizen, space, and asset security. Pilots and ground units that operate in the Defence Force are deployed when we need to show brute force to hostile targets looking to threaten the USC. Whether it be large escort wings defending our Interstellar Commerce trade routes, elite ODST dropping in to retake a mining station, or one of our Capital Ship fleets patrolling USC space, the Defence Force keeps us safe in an uncertain galaxy.

This Branch is interconnected with every other branch operating under the USC. The USC Expeditionary Corps scouts surrounding areas gathering intelligence to alert the USCDF of any incoming threats. Our lightly armed and armoured units, such as trade convoys or scientific research expeditions, need protection from Vanduul and other hostiles. And the Defence Force needs to be kept refuelled, supplied, maintained, and engineered by Aerospace Engineering to operate at top efficiency, as well as provide security to our industrial operations. Excellent cooperation and communication between all branches must be a top priority to keep our Citizens and assets safe.


Members of the Defence Force operate on all fronts to keep the United Space Confederation safe. Serve on the front line to protect USC space, fending off Vanduul and other hostile attacks. Keep our economy running by protecting our valuable shipping lanes and mining operations. Or serve as an elite ODST unit, boarding hostile targets and defending USC capital ships from enemy boarding parties.

Enlist in Dedicated Squadrons

Are you a pilot looking for a more structured or military simulation experience when operating in the Defence Force? Consider joining one of our Dedicated Squadrons for a more structured Star Citizen experience.

Expeditionary Corps

Branch Overview

The United Space Confederation Expeditionary Corps (USCEC) plays just as an important role as any branch in the USC. Without the eyes and ears of the USCEC, our knowledge of the galaxy and those in it would be severely limited. Sharing the information gathered by the Expeditionary Corps between all branches means the Defence Force knows where to best position our largest fleets, Interstellar Commerce pilots can fly the safest trade routes, and Aerospace Engineering learns the richest deposits of resources for heavy mining operations.

However, the Expeditionary Corps is not all about gathering information; our ambitions are greater than that. We wish to expand our knowledge – study that which we do not yet know. Finding new jump points, unexplored star systems, or studying strange phenomena in deep space are all ambitions the USC explorers, researchers, and scientists strive to achieve.

Seek Out Strange New Worlds

Expand our knowledge of the galaxy. Explore for undiscovered jump points, planets, and life. And look for the hidden gems in the known parts of the galaxy. Become an expert on planetary systems, learn the customs of the beings living there, and the ins and outs of the local markets.

Journey into the Dark and Explore the Unknown

The Vanduul and other hostile entities to the United Space Confederation thrive in the deepest, darkest reaches of space. Specializing in stealth and intel gathering, agents from the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) venture into these dangerous areas to observe and track, reporting their findings back to USC High Command. This intelligence is invaluable to fleet operations, as assets can be reassigned according to threat levels reported by ONI.

Research and Explore for Science

Study planets and asteroids and learn about their properties while looking for undiscovered life forms or untapped resources to be used by the USC. Be the first to discover unknown phenomenon in space and research its properties.

Department of Aerospace Engineering

Branch Overview

The Department of Aerospace Engineering is responsible for the industrial operations of the United Space Confederation. All organizations need to have resources at their disposal; raw material processing to go onto the galactic market, finished material for ship construction and repairs, or a number of other uses, it is a requirement for any organization’s space and planetary operations. The USC prefers to harvest the majority of these resources itself through mining operations rather than import them.

Our Engineers are also tasked with keeping the USC Navy repaired and running at top efficiency, as well as filling our capital ships with experienced crew to operate the various ship systems and combat stations.

Aerospace Engineering is a vital part of the United Space Confederation system, and our fleets would be grounded without our brave engineers.


Capital ships, while impressive displays of strength and weapons of war in their own right, need to have experienced and expert crews on board to operate at peak performance. Because they are also among the biggest targets in a fight, capital ships often receive the most damage. The Department of Aerospace Engineering trains and deploys our skilled engineers throughout or capital ship fleet. These brave engineers keep the shields up, engines running at maximum capacity, weapons loaded, and hull repaired, giving our navy the best chance at victory possible.

When the fights are over, our expert engineers help with recovery of downed pilots and fighters, and assist with repairs to make sure our fleets are ready to defend the USC at a moment's notice.

Harvest Resources

Resources come in a variety of different forms, and the USC needs to take advantage of all available types. Our engineers operate on traditional mining colonies, harvesting resources from planets or moons to send back in trade convoys. By 2942 we expanded operations to stations and platforms, collecting stellar gasses that fuel our fleets and add to our economy when exported. Most recently we have launched new missions in the emerging deep space heavy mining sector, operating from large industrial ships collecting resources from planets, fields of asteroids, and other rich bodies not suitable for our other modes of mining.

The Department of Aerospace Engineering works with all other USC branches to coordinate these efforts, maximizing our efficiency and profitability from these ventures. It is a vital part of the USC economy.


Having even a small edge in a fight can mean the difference between victory and defeat. While the USC can boast a respectable sized navy, our pilots can always use an extra edge over their targets to ensure. Aerospace Engineering designs and fine tunes our fleet of Star fighters and cruisers with custom settings and overclocks to make the USC Naval fleet the fastest and most deadly in the galaxy.


Work as a 3D modeller or texture artist? Design and model your own ships purpose built for the United Space Confederation. Game Modders are welcome too!

Role Play Friendly

With Star Citizen so focused on great lore and immersion, it would seem a disservice to not offer the opportunity for people to choose how much they want to immerse themselves in the world. The USC forums provides a dedicated section specifically for role playing and fan-fiction content. We’re open to no role play at all to those who want a full RP experience.

Dedication to Immersion

We’ve worked hard to create a story that would work for a very wide variety of people’s role play intentions, while still being compelling. The USC is committed to maintaining a lore-friendly environment to immerse yourself in; we want to try and match, if not surpass CIG’s level of commitment to story and immersion.

As you explore the material on the USC Database, you will see this dedication to lore and immersion through the large amount of in-fiction content, back stories, and codex entries.


To determine if our organization's vision fits your prefered game-play style, please visit: USC Vision


The United Space Confederation is a proud member of the S.T.A.R. Please feel free to visit: S.T.A.R.

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