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Vector 27
Spectrum IDV27
CommitmentCasual - Committed to Fun
FocusExploration - Supply
LeadersSkarro - Thaele - Chiifin - SnappyTexas
FounderSkarro - Thaele
Discord Server

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Our initial goal for forming this organization was to make new friends to play with. This goal was easily accomplished within the Star Citizen community. As the game develops so do our objectives. Our fleet consists of ships designed to play any role offered. This includes but is not limited to Exploration, Mining (Minerals), Harvesting (Gases), Salvage, Repair and Cargo Hauling. At this stage in the game (and its development cycle) our goal is to keep our members engaged and active. We have been fortunate to recruit many members who all get along and have a great time doing things together. When the game gets stale, while waiting for the next patch, we have found ways to make our own fun.

In the future, when our goals evolve again, we will focus on manning and running different fleet formations for the many different game mechanics. In the meantime we will be making plans to execute these future goals. We will accomplish this through discussion of fleet formations and crew roster/sizes. Each fleet formation will accommodate the type of game play we as an organization will participate in.

NOTE: We are currently looking for Non-Affiliate members. ie those willing to make this Org your Main.

Currently we have approx 90 multi-crew ships that will require crew members to command, helm, repair, escort, etc.







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Private Security


Our alignment is good-neutral. We intend to provide our own security for what ever tasks are underway. So while we as an organization do not intend to focus on these disciplines we will require a few of those who are focused on such ideas. If other players need protection from pirates or other nefarious individuals we will help where we can. As I'm sure you can imagine, this is TBD by the highest ranking member involved at the time.

It is important to us that all our members get to play the game they want to be playing. We hope that through our adventures as an organization our members prosper and accomplish personal in game milestones.


Vector 27 was founded after the Events following the Vandull expansion of 2476 by former Officers in the UEENavy. Its Goal is to offer convenient services for Citizens across the entire ‘Verse. We provide a array of potential positions for its members

Command Structure

Vector 27 has a command structure follows a wide & linear hierarchy, split into distinct divisions. Any member can join and participate in any of our divisions during downtime (after the required training), and can permanently move between divisions at the permission of their team leader or director.

Our Rules

We have a few basic rules at Vector 27

Treat people with respect and people will treat you with respect in return.

Follow your Commanding officers orders.

Be active and if you cant Communicate your absence if possible.

Use your common sense.

Vector 27 ’ Charter Version 0.1 [Last Updated: 1/11/2947]


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