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TimezoneEDT/EST (spring and Fall respectively)
LeadersEOC and Kataname
Discord ServerMembers only

Warped BIO

Warped was founded in 2947. WARPED is an organization dedicated to making a home for all types. We provide an ecosystem that allows each of our members to fully enjoy Star Citizen, and to become profitable in their chosen career. Our members will be able to overcome any economic problems that may or will arise in the Universe. One piece of what makes all of this possible is SINGULARITY. It is a system that assists Warped in acheiving its primary goal: ensuring all members have adequate support in every regard, along with the information they will need to be the best that they can be at what they do.

Warped Politics

● Warped Council ●

EOC-Elements of Chaos

The Elusive and Mysterious... EOC is the founder and visionary behind warped.


Fierce and Honorable... Kataname is the co-founder of Warped and responsible for the inspiration that makes it what it is today.

● Warped Policy ●

Everyone in the organization will abide be the rules stated below:

  • Anyone can become a member of WARPED
  • There will be zero tolerance for hackers and cheaters
  • There will be no racism or bigotry tolerated of any kind.
  • Respect will be given to all members
  • Please make sure you’re representing WARPED at all times.

Everyone will respect the hierarchy of the organization.Further rules and regulations will be added as Star Citizen is released and the organization grows.

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