ORG:Wicked Militia

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Wicked Militia
FocusAlliance / Commercial / Industrial / Security
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“Ordo Ab Chao”

Mission Statement

The Wicked Militia is an alliance of citizens who hunger for more than just solo-mining and solo-bounty missions. We operate as a diplomatic organization functioning as a union hub with private military capability in order to protect those within our Alliances. Structured and self-sufficient, our organization consists of two distinct divisions with their own sub-divisions that encompass various roles/responsibilities. If you are looking to learn a new skill-set and want to become part of an awesome community, our dedicated members are always available to assist and welcome you to the verse!


Under Construction - Check Back Soon!

Alliance Security

AEROSPACE COMBAT & RECON (ACR) - While diplomacy throughout the verse is our primary intent, we must insure our personal protection & those aligned with Wicked Militia. The ACR has you covered. Whether it’s a simple escort mission, transporting troops and vehicles to the battlefield, a full on assault. Trained pilots are available for any air or space mission. When boots are needed on the ground, The Ground Combat subdivision includes all the ground support you will need. It ranges anywhere from armored tanks, wheeled transports, fast moving scout bikes, artillery emplacements, and troopers.


The Wicked Militia is herewith chartered as a M101 organization, compliant with all the rules, regulations, stipulations and intergalactic combat laws thereby applicable. As such the Wicked Militia, is authorized to conduct, contract, subcontract and otherwise cause to be executed all forms of legal intergalactic activities as stipulated by the UEE Commerce Act of 2814 and UEE Self Defense Act of 2821. Under the provisions of M101 regulations, the Wicked Militia is entitled to UEE Compliance Laws as of 2941.

In addition, under the sub-charter of a M101C entity, the Wicked Militia is also authorized to mobilize, forcefully use, and practice legitimate enforcement of its legal consignments, both interplanetary and intersystem, within the boundaries of UEE as stipulated by the Military Enforcement Act of 2765. In areas not currently governed by the United Empire of Earth, these same military forces may be used to enforce UEE policies and laws as long as such actions are not in contravention with any UEE established Intergalactic Agreements.

As part and parcel to this charter, the Wicked Militia has established the following codes of conduct on its members:

  • Militia members come from all sectors of society, but are banded together as brothers-in-arms for their mutual protection and prosperity. Those whose behavior is repeatedly unbecoming of the Militia’s high standards are to be subject to warning, censure, and eventual expulsion.
  • Militia members are expected to go above & beyond – Never accept “good enough” for yourself. Do the best for yourself and your organization. This ideal should be practiced each and every day.
  • Militia members are to note that real-life & family come first. Take care of what matters most.

This Charter is hereby placed in the Public Record and considered to have the full force of law as of this date, December 10, 2950, and as witnessed and enacted by the undersigned, by appointment to His Imperial Highness.

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