ORG:Wreck Raiders

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Wreck Raiders
FocusSalvage and Mining
TimezoneAmerica and Europe
HeadquartersStanton (for Now)
LeadersEric Chase, Bishop Bushido Brown, Cyber-Punk, VerniusNL
FounderEric Chase, Bishop Bushido Brown, Cyber-Punk

Wreck Raiders

The Wreck Raiders (Spectrum ID: WRECKAGE) is a salvage organization structured like a motorcycle club. Members, who typically rides Drake Interplanetary Dragonfly, have gained the reputation of being the most badass salvagers in the verse. Although maintaining the appearance of law abiding citizens to the UEE, reports suggest that they conduct illegal salvage and mining operations under the "Finders, keepers" mantra.


We are the Wreck Raiders: We are Treasure Hunters and Space Scavengers. We seek to find the galaxy’s hidden gems and profit from them.

Wreck Raiders Leather


Founded in August 4th, 2945 by Eric Chase[1], the Wreck Raider was formed by an amalgamation of UEE Navy veterans of the Squadron 42. The name Wreck Raiders makes reference to the boarding party raiding the wreckage of a spaceship.[2]

The logo was design by HardyHero and depict a raven gripping a silver human skull with a bullet in the forehead, which represent the scavenger taking possession of the of wreckage's loot. The circular blade makes reference to the scrapping mechanics during salvage operations.

Advocacy Public Notice


To become a Wreck Raiders prospect, the candidate must be 18 years old or older; read the Charter; fill in the Membership Form, which includes engagement of conducts (e.g. no piracy or slave trade) and non-disclosure agreement; and be a cultural fit with the organization. Prospect members are under probation with access to the Wreck Raiders’s knowledgebase ( excluding information on jump points and wreckage of capital ships).

After a period of time, and If interested, the Prospect may be motion to become a Patch member. To become a Patch member, the prospect must be voted on unanimously by the Patch members of the chapter. Patch members have voting rights at their respective chapter and have complete access to the Wreck Raiders' knowledgebase.


Affiliates, also known as Hang-around, are part the Wreck Raiders' Network of Explorers. Findings reported by Hang-around members, added to the Wreck Raiders' knowlegebase and main members taking advantage of those findings will payout finder's fee to the affiliate, so long at the finding information remains exclusive to the Wreck Raiders.


Chapters are a subset of the Organization’s members which operates within, or near, a particular star system. They are tie to specific timezone (e.g. Eastern Time zone, Pacific Time zone, etc.) for sake of coordination. The chapter's location in the verse is subject to the decision of the voting members.

Top Raven Championship


The dogfithers of the Wreck Raiders are known as the "Raven" and are responsible of security and escort during salvage and mining operations. They conduct inter-chapter championships annually in different categories: light class fighter, medium class fighter, heavy class fighter and open class. Each chapter elect their representative at the championships. The winner of the open class is title "Top Raven".


The internal magazine of the Wreck Raiders is called the WRECKAGE, and is publicly available.

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