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Zephyr Auxiliary Services
FocusAuxiliary Services
LeadersBartti | BigJay | Hawx | MrBoot
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"Support, Research, and Protection all in one package? Look no further than Zephyr Auxiliary Services."

Zephyr’s mission is to provide first class auxiliary services to all friendly players in the universe. Our highly skilled agents and extensive fleet can assist in any task necessary, no matter if you’re in the middle of deep space or stranded on the ground.

Internal Divisions

ZephyrSupport (ZSUP)

ZephyrSupport is our primary division and serves as our main source of income. ZSUP covers public services including, but not limited to:

  • Refueling
  • Repair
  • Transportation
  • Resupply
  • Rescue

ZSUP Agents also handle cargo, mining & trading duties. All Agents are expected to assist in ZSUP operations, regardless of other roles within the organisation. [1]

ZephyrFlux (ZFLX)

ZephyrFlux is our scientific sect with a major focus on exploration and research. Members of this division assist in fleet improvements, working closely with specialists of other divisions to overclock components and create loadouts. Agents of ZFLX are also responsible for resource recovery & salvage. When a new mine site is required, ZFLX partners with ZSUP to scout for suitable locations. [1]

ZephyrDefense (ZDEF)

ZephyrDefence is our internal armed forces, tasked with protecting our fleet & providing emergency respawn in conflict zones. ZDEF staff members are also responsible for internal security. ZDEF can be hired by allied fleets for additional protection if required. [1]


Although we do allow people to directly join the org, we highly recommend you spend time on the /r/StarCitizen Discord so we can get to know you first.

Zephyr Developments


ZephyrBot is a Discord bot that provides an encyclopedia of knowledge regarding Star Citizen. It can quickly show information about ships, systems, vehicles and other topics. Upcoming features include a fleet management system for your organization. Relevant ZBot items link back to their appropriate pages on this wiki. See the Spectrum thread for information on how to add it your server.

Custom SC Downloader (Obsolete)

Due to past and present issues with the native SC downloader, a custom one was developed to sidestep various problems. Features include old build file support, proxy compatibility, and per-file download tracking. It also works as a standalone executable, and thus is convenient if you need to download SC on another person's system and are unable to use the main launcher. See the Github page for download information.


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