Oso II

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Oso II
ClassificationTerrestrial Rocky
LocationOrbits Oso (star)

A lush biosphere with a variety of distinct regions and climates, Oso II boasts an increased gravity much higher than Earth’s. The planet is mostly known as the home to the most developed primitive species ever encountered by the UEE. Known as Osoians, this multi-limbed race actively communicates with one another using patterned flashes of color generated by head-mounted chameleon cells. The Human scientific community extensively lobbied for the chance to communicate with an emerging life form, and Osoian communication studies are ongoing today (within the limitations of the Fair Chance Act).

Beyond the Osoians, the planet is also home to a great deal of lesser species, most of which have evolved to be entirely unlike anything discovered elsewhere to date. Though direct study is a violation of the Fair Chance Act, some scientists are able to receive permission from the UEE to establish off-world research platforms to attempt to study the species from a distance. These platforms are carefully supervised and are allowed only for short periods of time.[1]