City on Terra (planet) in the Terra system
Terra Terra Prime.jpg
LocationTerra system    On Terra (planet)
TypeLanding zone
Founded2516 CE; 438 years ago (2516)

Prime is the capital city of Terra, a beautiful bayside mega-city built on the foundations of two of the original colony ships. A stark contrast to Earth's metropolises, everything in Prime was planned by the original settlers, leading to a much greater balance between nature and civilization than is found elsewhere in the Empire. Unlike many cities, Prime's primary landing zone is located away from the city to reduce pollution and air congestion. The TRT monorail runs pilots to and from their hangars. Don't let the relaxed atmosphere fool you though; Prime has everything New York or Moscow has, from ship upgrade stores to black market opportunities. The city itself divides into two major regions; the sparkling Downtown and the lower class residential region known as The Blocks. Opportunities for visitors are available in both portions of the city.[1]

Prime is located on Zaffre Bay by the Animas Sea and includes islands connected by bridge. The city backs onto a steep mountain range.[citation needed]

"If you want to see where Humanity's been, you visit Sol. If you want to see where it's going, you visit Terra."
Senator Lenara Royce, Terra (Retired)

Generally cited as the pinnacle of Human environmental design, the capital city of Prime is designed to seamlessly integrate with its environment. A true mecca of fashion and art, Prime also serves as a crossroads of civilizations, even drawing upon architectural design aesthetics from the Xi'an.[2] The city hosts Prime Fashion Week, regarded as a premier runway show by fashion lovers across the Empire, with tickets available through Concierge service Imperial Access.[3]

At the waterfront along the Promenade after dark, one may witness Lumo, a dazzling light show set to a custom score composed by Pieter Le'Ver where millions of windows illuminate to portray the city's rise from the foundations of the two original colony ships.[4]

"Rising like a river around you, the sounds of the city rush by as you weave your way past the towering buildings that line Founders Avenue. This is Prime, Terra's crown jewel. It is here that the best the Empire has to offer mixes and mingles to create an experience unique unto itself."
Origin 890 Jump Brochure[5]

Locations by District






Quast Island


Unknown 1 (Island connected to Corsa via Yul Bridge & Unknown 2 via Oceania Bridge)

Unknown 2 (Coastal region bordering Corsa & Downtown + Oceania Bridge to Unknown 1)

Unknown 3 (Region bordering Telli, Barrows & Yards in Zaffre Bay)

Unknown 4 (Inland region bordering Downtown & Barrows)


Early WIP video


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