Unstable mineral used to produce quantum fuel
Cargo - Minerals.png
QuantaniumMineral 256.svg
Occupancy1000 μSCU
Base price80 aUEC
Production stateImplemented
Respawn time60 mins

Quantanium is a tiny, delicate, highly unstable mineral that can be harvested and refined into quantum fuel.[1] Once mined, Quantanium degrades over time.

Impacts to the transporting ship will also accelerate this degradation.[2]

Once it degrades to a certain extent it, will be in danger of exploding, giving the pilot a visual/audio warning and the option to eject all cargo via a button on the cockpit. Failing to eject in time will most often result in an explosion and death of the carrier.

Given the risk, successful delivery of Quantanium is a lucrative endeavor and should only be attempted with practice in mining.

Where to Find

Quantanium is most common on ArcCorp's closest moon, Lyria. Clusters of rocks on this moon are most definitely Quantanium-filled. You can pinpoint clusters by decreasing and increasing your ping angle until you find several rocks in one spot.

The default binds for increasing/decreasing angle are , and . respectively.


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