Ice Planet in the Kellog system
QuarterDeck : Kellog VI
ClassificationIce Planet
LocationDeveloping Space
Kellog system
└─ Orbiting Kellog (star)
Artificial Satellites1

Kellog VI is an icy desert world that is home to the UEE's massive QuarterDeck Prison-World, a maximum security penal facility that incarcerates hundreds of thousands of hardened criminals. QuarterDeck is a full-process antimatter refinery, which means that the extremely valuable fuel is available more cheaply here than it is anywhere else in the galaxy.[1]

Antimatter processing is an incredibly dangerous affair and it kills dozens of prisoners a day … but reduced sentences are given to those willing to perform the work, helping to ensure that the UEE navy and the merchant marine are fully fueled. However, interested merchants should note that transporting antimatter is extremely dangerous. A fully upgraded cargo hold is necessary, and anyone attempting the run needs to broadcast in the clear their manifest: no pirate wants to tangle with an antimatter transport because the simplest engagement will quickly lead to an explosion killing all parties involved. The UEE has also developed a system by which wanted criminals can be delivered directly to QuarterDeck by properly bonded bounty hunters.[citation needed]

In 2943, Senator Ghata Veras introduced a proposal to shut down the prison and decommission the antimatter refinery due to the harsh conditions present on the world as well as a track record of Human rights violations. This proposal however would be narrowly defeated, and the prison would remain open.[1]

Artificial Satellites

JusticeStar Satellite

A Class VI JusticeStar satellite sits at the planet's closest Lagrange Point, allowing processing, trial and sentencing to take place swiftly and efficiently. Booking officers on QuarterDeck frequently pay a premium for wanted men, reflecting the reduced cost to the UEE that comes with having prisoners delivered directly to the system. As on any prison world, there is also an active black market. Merchants who can deliver luxury entertainments to the planet without attracting the attention of UEE wardens are handsomely rewarded. Of special value on QuarterDeck are narcotics, which much of the population prizes as the sole escape from the danger and dreariness of forced antimatter mining.[citation needed]


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