Radegast Whiskey 2947 Homeward Limited-Edition

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Radegast Whiskey 2947 Homeward Limited-Edition
ObtainmentHigh Admiral Rank
Required Pledge ValueUSD $1000
AttachmentSurface S1

Radegast Whiskey 2947 Homeward Limited-Edition - With an unparalleled reputation for crafting phenomenal whiskeys of uncompromising quality for over four centuries, Radegast Distillery is proud to announce the 2947 release of its Homeward Limited-Edition Collection 40 SEY. Under the careful watch of award-winning Master Distiller Hanshi Wilkes, Martian spirits are hand-blended and barreled in Angeli casks before being flown from Croshaw home to Port Renatus. The result is a 40-year-old dram that embraces the adventurous flavor profiles of Angeli with the traditional personality of a Martian whiskey; a drink worthy of coming home for.


The 2947 Homeward Limited-Edition is a Concierge Perk that is given out exclusively to backers of the rank High Admiral (USD $1k pledged) or higher.

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