Hat manufactured by Gyson Inc.
ManufacturerGyson Inc. (GYS)
Base price270 aUEC
Occupancy4800 μSCU
Production stateImplemented in Alpha 3.3.5
Environment protection

The Ready-Up is a hat manufactured by Gyson Inc.. It is a popular budget softshell helmet made primarily of industrial-strength plastic. It barely met United Empire of Earth standards and received the lowest rating possible from Whitley’s Guide.[1] Although it is advertised as a pressurized helmet, it does not provide any life support thus the player will suffocate when wearing one in depressurized area.[2][3]

In-game description

The Ready-Up is a dependable, affordable softshell helmet alternative that provides a vacuum-ready seal to keep you breathing for longer.


Image Name Description
(Default) Base variant

Special editions

Image Name Description
"Pathfinder" The Pathfinder edition uses special space-age plastic with a purple tint to produce a truly unique look. It is a Imperator level subscriber exclusive item.


The Ready-Up was created as a budget protective helmet for the residents in Olympus to protect them from the harsh environment of Ashana. Before its invention, due to regular helmets being prohibitively expensive, many of the locals wore second-hand helmets with chipped visors and deep cracks, and without any integrity verifications. The founder of Gyson Inc. Akiko Forsyth saw the opportunity and worked with a local crafter to manufacture an inexpensive version that even Olympus residents could afford.[1]


The Ready-up concept was created by Tyler Bartley.[4] It was first spotted in CitizenCon 2948 in 2018 during the keynote.[5] It is implemented in Alpha 3.3.5 with the introduction of Lorville.[6] The female version of Ready-Up was implemented in Alpha 3.13.0.[2]


  • It is commonly referred as plastic bag helmet due to its resemblance.
  • It is commonly worn by residents in Lorville to protect them from the air pollution.[2]
  • It is a popular cosplay item, even when Chris Roberts specifically mentioned to not cosplay them in CitizenCon 2948 keynote.[5]


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