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From the Star Citizen Wiki, the fidelity™ encyclopedia
ManufacturermicroTech (MITE)
Type AR Smart Device
Usage Contact lens

The Reverie AR Lens is an augmented reality contact lens manufactured by microTech[1] which is paired to a user's personal mobiGlas. The thin lens is made from a proprietary hypoallergenic material and projects real-time information directly in a user's field of view.[2]

Product description

The 'Verse as it was meant to be seen. Included with every mobiGlas 2.0, the Reverie AR Lens integrates seamlessly into your life with real-time personalized contextual information. Stay up to date while on the move with accurate data projected onto a next generation all-day-wear lens that is so comfortable you'll forget it's even there but won't want to be without.[3]


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