MicroTech (company)

High-tech electronics manufacturer and software developer
IndustryComputer, electronic consumer goods, spacecraft components
ProductsPersonal computing devices (mobiGlas), spacecraft computers, electronic datapads, other electronic consumer goods
Manufacturer codeMITE
HeadquartersNew Babbage, microTech, Stanton
Area servedUnited Empire of Earth
Key peopleJess Alfonz (CEO)
FounderMagnus Tobin
Founded2782 CE; 172 years ago (2782)
SubsidiariesProtLife, Empiric Education, MT Protection Services

microTech is a manufacturer of a variety of electronics, digital displays, software, and computers, including the mobiGlas wearable computer. Founded on Earth in 2782 by programmer Magnus Tobin, today, it is headquartered in New Babbage on their privately-owned planet microTech. The planet's cold temperature is ideal for the company's heat-sensitive computing and manufacturing centers. Widespread use of their products has made them the largest computer and software developer currently operating in the UEE.[1] The current CEO is Jess Alfonz.[2]

Ship insurance company ProtLife is a subsidiary of microTech.


While travelling within microTech governed space, be mindful that you are subject to not only UEE laws but to the local jurisdictional laws as well. If you violate local laws, even unknowingly, you may be expelled, fined, arrested, or imprisoned.

Just like UEE Military and Advocacy agents, local security personnel can require you to submit to identification scans to establish your identity, conduct searches of your person and vessel, and detain you with due cause. Always obey the directives of authorized security personnel.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the jurisdiction's criminal activities and comport yourself accordingly.

Extent of Influence

MT Protection Services enforces the laws in this jurisdiction, which applies within microTech's gravitational sphere of influence and includes its three moons Calliope, Clio, and Euterpe.

Felony Fine Escalated Fine CrimeStat Increase
Actively Incarcerated
Aggravated Assault
Assaulting Security Personnel
Attempted Escape from Custody
Destruction of Vehicle
Escaped from Custody
Evading Arrest
Failure to Comply
Harboring a Fugitive
Insurance Fraud
Operating a Stolen Vehicle
Resisting Arrest
Trespassing (First Degree)
Unauthorized Computer Access
Unauthorized Interdiction
Misdemeanor Fine (aUEC) Escalated Fine
Battery (First Degree) 7,500
Battery (Second Degree) 7,500
Failure to Comply 20,000
Parking Violation 250
Possession of Class A Controlled Substance 2,000
Possession of Class B Controlled Substance 1,250
Possession of Class C Controlled Substance
Possession of Prohibited Goods 5,625
Possession of Stolen Property 1,000
Reckless Vehicle Operation 1,250
Trafficking of Class A Controlled Substance 5,000
Trafficking of Class B Controlled Substance 4,375
Trafficking of Stolen Property 3,750
Trespassing (Second Degree) 1,250
Unauthorized Interdiction 7,500



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