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Rijora (/REE-jorr-ah/) is a set of Tevarin guidelines and principles similar to the Bushidō warrior code on ancient Earth,[1] equal in status to a religion.

Written by many authors over a long period of time, it was created in response to early Tevarin perishing repeatedly at the hands of predators on their homeworld Kaleeth. It emphasizes an active existence and requires responsibility to oneself and one's community. Followers are required to develop and consistently maintain physical and mental skills, especially as pertains to warfare. Before the end of the Second Tevarin War all Tevarin were required to memorize the Rijora and could recite it on command. Rijora was renounced by many Tevarin after the war due to its failure to uphold its promise to deliver victory. During the events of the Tevarin Purge, parts of Rijora were lost when the authoritative codex that recorded it in its entirety was destroyed; namely, passages that had been revised or redacted from print but had been documented for historic purposes. Rijora has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years thanks to an ongoing movement to revive Tevarin culture.[2]

Its practice often combines rhythmic group chanting with precise movements and poses. Tevarin historical records mention an elite fighting force known as the Naulle, whose members had to master 343 unique fighting stances.[3]


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