Rocket pod

Vehicle unguided explosive munition

A rocket pod is an vehicle weapon that fires unguided explosive munition.

 SizeDamageMaximum rangeAmmoManufacturer
Jericho1150 🗡️2,100 m2.1 km <br />12Hurston Dynamics
Jericho X2150 🗡️2,100 m2.1 km <br />24Hurston Dynamics
Jericho XL3150 🗡️2,100 m2.1 km <br />18Hurston Dynamics
Liberator (rocket pod)1150 🗡️2,100 m2.1 km <br />8Thermyte Concern
Liberator Prime2150 🗡️2,100 m2.1 km <br />16Thermyte Concern
Liberator Ultra3150 🗡️2,100 m2.1 km <br />24Thermyte Concern
Yebira I1150 🗡️2,100 m2.1 km <br />6FireStorm Kinetics


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